Independent Media Speaking out Against COVID Agenda

Rebel News

Rebel News is a Canadian-based independent news organization, led by Ezra Levant. They highlight the corruption in Canada that 'mainstream' media adamantly covers it up. They don't shy away from the truth and are highly active in posting new content.

Alex Jones: Info Wars

Alex Jones has been speaking out against the Covid-19 agenda since it started, and has been speaking out against the 'New World Order' for decades. He makes many convincing connections between current events, and a greater plot do enslave humanity.

Dan Dix: Press For Truth

Dan Dix of Press For Truth is a Canadian independent journalist with a lot to say. He makes videos about a variety of topics, largely related to ongoing geopolitics.

Luke Rudkowski: We Are Change

Luke Rudkowski is an American independent journalist speaking out against corruption and covering geopolitics in the United States. Previously, he infiltrated Epstein's island, providing the public with footage of the before unseen creepy monuments.

Mike Adams the Health Ranger

Mike Adams is an American based independent podcaster, as well as a biochemist scientist who takes nutrition very seriously. Though he does cover geopolitics, he also educates people on preparedness, nutrition, and health, which is very helpful information, especially in times like these. He does a daily "Situation Update" podcast, which is a great way to stay informed via audio as you go about your day.