Lawyers Opposing Covid-19 Agenda

Here is our list of legal teams standing up for our civil liberties. For more information, click or tap the respective title or image of the organization you’re interested in.

German Coronavirus Investigative Committee

Info About German Corona Investigative Committee

A growing International Network For Justice. One founding member if the German Corona Investigative Committee is  Dr. Reiner Füllmich,  a  noble German and American lawyer who has successfully brought class action lawsuits against both Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen.
Below is a great interview with Dr. Füllmich.
Here Dr. Füllmich discusses the foundations of class action lawsuits, and charges of crimes against humanity against the perpetrators of the criminal Covid enterprise: 

Elders Without Borders

"The sacred hoop is what needs to be repaired."
Elders Without Borders is the Canadian legal frontline against the COVID criminal enterprise.
Canadian constitutional lawyer, Michael Swinwood, has dedicated decades of his career to defending indigenous people against abuse and genocide, and is the found of Elders Without Borders.
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Liberty Coalition Canada

"What started with the effort to Reopen Ontario Churches and led to the writing of The Niagara 2020 Declaration has now developed into a national network of clergymen, elected officials, small business owners, legal experts and other concerned citizens. A variety of urgent concerns face our nation. Alone we are incapable of producing meaningful change, but together, with a clear vision for a better future, we can bring about change for the good of all Canadians."