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The World Doctors Alliance has called the covid enterprise “a global dictatorship with a sanitary excuse”. Legal teams are pursuing class action lawsuits against perpetrators of the covid enterprise , as well as charges of crimes against humanity. If honest science does not support the lockdowns and violations of civil liberties, then what is going on? Here are resources to help discover answers. One should not be surprised that state broadcasters, and big tech organizations with radical agendas like Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube, have suppressed information and created a false consensus. We want to thank free alternative platforms like Bitchute and Brighteon, for supporting free speech and open dialogue. 

Index of COVID Deception Content

Some of the best journalism to date on the truth behind the pandemic is the Plandemic Series. Use the button bellow to directly access this heavily suppressed documentary. Click Here

A gripping introduction to Bill Gates. This short documentary exposes Bill Gates, his history, and unveils his central role in the COVID Deception. Click Here

The head of the World Health Organization (the WHO) Dr. Tedros is a more intriguing character in this story than one may first assume. This video details reasons you may rethink placing your trust in him. Click Here

The Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Tam, is someone all Canadians should be familiar with. This video is a great start. Click Here

Montana physician, Dr. Annie Bukacek, explains how Covid-19 death certificates are being manipulated. Also, there has been a campaign to exaggerate the number of deaths due to COVID-19, as explained by the doctor in the preceding video. Around the world, analysis has revealed that countries reporting lots of death from COVID-19, lack the corresponding rise in their annual death rates, and that  other causes of death seem to have dramatically decreased. In reality, this shows how all sorts of deaths are being miss-classified as COVID-19 deaths. Click Here

How could 94% of deaths be counted incorrectly? Watch this video to find out. Click Here

This is a mild generally non-fatal disease, a cold. Here is a great report by a physician studying COVID-19 antibody tests in the general population, early on in this scam, and finding that there were many more cases of people who had COVID-19 with no symptoms who developed immunity; hence the death rate of COVID-19 was actually very small. Click Here

Short answer: No. Watch this detailed breakdown of the analytics for more information. Click Here

These resources are interesting and suggest that the events of 2020 onward relating to Covid-19 may have been premeditated. Click Here

Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fullmich, part of the Corona committee in Germany, talks about the Covid-19 scam and their respondent class action law suit. Click Here

The construction of quarantine/isolation camps in Canada, ought to be alarming. One may ask, why are these quarantine camps a topic ignored in Parliament discussions? Click Here

Caught on a hot mic; top Ontario doctors joke about never reading the papers, and saying whatever they’re told. Click Here

New York wants to send cases, contacts, and carriers to quarantine facilities. Click Here

An intense documentary from 2007 that eerily foretold current events after exploring grand scheme from a broader perspective. This dives deeply into the dark side of modern history, and depicts a dark future for humanity should we fail to end this terrible plot. Click here

This is just too weird! Bill Gate’s unusual patent depicts an invention similar to the Biblical Mark of the Beast. See it for yourself. Click Here

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