Elders Without Borders


The Canadian legal frontline against the criminal covid enterprise. Canadian constitutional lawyer Michael Swinwood, has dedicated decades to defending indigenous peoples against abuse and genocide. He is the founder of Elders Without Borders. Here is a great interview with Michael Swinwood regarding the covid crimes: https://normanpilon.com/2021/01/02/michael-swinwood-genocide-and-crimes-against-humanity-xavier-azalbert-france-soir/

Here Mr Swinwood shares his personal journey, and concludes that we are now all victims of the sort of abuses and threats of extermination that indigenous people have faced:

Michael Swinwood has been practicing law since 1974. In 1993, he had an epiphany, which led him to meet Grandfather William Commanda, the spiritual leader of the Algonquin people. From 1994 to 1999, Michael and his Wife Susan Hagar and their daughter Alura, travelled with Grandfather Willian and interviewed native elders throughout north and south America. During this sabbatical from the practice of law, many wisdom keepers shared their knowledge and teachings enriching their lives forever.

In 1999, Grandfather William Commanda asked Michael to go back to the practice of law and help his people. Elders Without Borders was incorporated in 1999 to dedicate itself to the sovereignty and self determination of the indigenous peoples. In 1998, Susan, Michael, and Alura met Willaru Huaypa, from Cusco Peru, who is their esteemed spiritual teacher. Samael joined the team in 2002 and they are now the complete magical mystery tour.

Since 1999, Michael Swinwood has dedicated his practice to the preservation of the stolen rights of the oppressed indigenous nations. History has not been kind to indigenous ways, customs, and spirituality, yet the professes speak to changing times.

“We are all now faced with the same challenge of the indigenous people – how to avoid elimination.”