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Here you can get in touch with Dr. Trozzi and the team. It may take some time for a member of the team to get back to you as we have a higher volume of contact forms submitted to us that usual, but we appreciate hearing from you and are excited to get back to you as soon as possible. To save our viewers time, here are some commonly asked questions:

Is Dr. Trozzi taking patients? No, unfortunately Dr. Trozzi is not able to take patients at this time as he has taken a sabbatical from clinical work to speak honestly about Covid-19 and related issues. We’re sorry for this inconvenience.

Can Dr. Trozzi prescribe treatments for Covid-19? Unfortunately no, for the same reason as above. Also, safe treatments have been suppressed heavily in Canada, if you know of a legal solution please let us know so we can share it. If you are in America, you can get Ivermectin from America’s Frontline Doctors using this link:

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