The Coming Pandemic of the “Vaccinated”

The Coming Pandemic of the "Vaccinated"

Don't be fooled. Understand the real causes of current tragedies.

Today we want to share this intense interview by Will Dove of Strong and Free Canada with doctors Paul Alexander, PHD and Mark Trozzi, MD.

Deception and abuse of the public is rampant. Recall evidence we presented last week about the current scam in Canada and many other countries to create the false narrative that current disease is in the “unvaxxed” and that variants are caused by the “un-vaxxed”. This is an absolute lie!

Here Dr Paul Alexander PhD epidemiology, and Dr Mark Trozzi MD expose the real science at play. Don’t be fooled and manipulated. Please share this material to counter the misinformation campaign being used to force everyone into the injections and demonize innocent people who have resisted the forced injections and become victims of medical apartheid.

Governments are building “isolation camps”, demonizing people who refuse injection, blocking safe treatments, and deceiving the public into accepting these lethal injections.


Ethical and informed scientists and doctors are risking everything to expose the truth, save lives, and counter the crimes of the Criminal Covid Enterprise.  Help them spread the truth. 

Take Action Canada

Congratulations Canada! Our quest just got easier thanks to Take Action Canada. This great new asset is informing and facilitating an awakened public to restore sanity and co-create a fair, intelligent, and kind future. Take advantage of the resources at Take Action Canada: easy petition links, and step by step action guides. Please consider paying them a visit and using their resources to aid in the liberation of our society:


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  1. John Goss

    Excellent video. Thanks you so much for fighting the good fight against this deceit imposed upon society, When I think of what the future might hold for children I want to cry. Dr Alexander makes one of the strongest arguments at the end by saying if the drugs manufacturers are so confident their drugs are safe and effective and will do no harm, let them remove liability protection. I would go a step further. In my court, and in God’s court, they will have no liability protection – but they will have a lot of questions to answer.

  2. hi inseel

    If you are still saying there is a virus, you are not stating scientifically proven facts. First, show published peer-reviewed studies showing that a virus has been isolated and causes COVID.

  3. liz

    Come on. You people are supposed to be experts? And you are saying there is a “delta variant”? Where? Show the proof. Show the test that determines a “delta variant”. You can’t. It doesn’t exist.

  4. Marian Chisholm

    Bill Gates has plans to reduce global population, and his friend Klaus Schwab, plans to reset the world with his” You will have nothing but you will be happy” plan to inject microchips into us He even stated in an interview that Covid19 would be an ideal way to accomplish that would explain why the only treatment allowed are two injections that are produced by companies that Gates has his ugly face in, and they are frantic to jab all of us , so they would have no resistance to their “serfdom”. With all the garbage that is in the vax, would it be possible to detect a microchip in a victims body? Are microchips made from aluminum? That seems to be a favorite metal of Bill Gates.

  5. Lloyd R Fex

    The most important question everyone should be asking is …. WHY ????

    What is the reason … or … goal of all this diabolical deception ???

  6. Jason Paquette

    This is great! There is something big going on here i am former canadian military and have some special operations background 12 yrs. This very much appears like acts of war in my opinion and i do believe a big play between big pharma and paid off officials….Phizer alone made 100 billion last year. Not a far stretch of the imagination to think they could buy all the key people to manufacture and execute a consipiracy of this magnitude. There is much more proof emerging and many suspicious coincidences. At the end of the day follow the money. 1 \billion is 9999 MILLION + 1 Phizer alone made 100 of those last year alone. They also had the largest criminal fine in history in 2009. They also have been convicted of bribery etc…. This is a big business and with things like the world economic forum which takes place n Davos Switserland every year doesn’t take a genius to think of what business deals can be brokered when the richest and most powerful people on the planet get together to party and talk business for a week….My experience is all business people are out to make more $ all the time….the real virus is these 1% that want to ” GREAT RESET ” as they display on their website of the world economic forum. These are war crimes of huge magnitude. This war is still very much invisible but as you are proving my theories the scariest parts are yet to come. Keep up the great work it feels good to know that not all people on this planet are walking zombies under the spell of their “trusted news” sources….On a finishing note in Canada CTV news is a key one and coincidentally MR Trudeau and the liberal party of Canada gave them over 500 million dollars last year alone. People dont realize that this is a for profit corporation… Buying power buys air time and buys the minds of unsuspecting Canadians who believe !!! believe in everything. Keep safe and get this info out asap so many people are counting on ethical and experienced professional like you that are credible and willing to risk it all to tell the truth….THAT IS HONORABLE AND I COMMEND YOU ALL ! thank you JAson

  7. Dale Worth

    Thank you for speaking the truth. You are saving lives!!! Isn’t that what doctors should do? Can you imagine how things could change if all doctors decided to stand on the moral and right side of history? Did we ever think another holocaust was possible, that people would ever use the excuse that they were just following orders? That’s where we’re at today. Massive collective psychosis. Thank you for the information. It will help wake some and little by little get to a tipping point where more know the truth and are no longer willing to comply with the continued destruction of humanity.

  8. Marie-Anne Halbwachs

    Thank you for this interview: clear, straightforward explanations of the criminal experiment that is currently going on worldwide. How can I help translating this to other languages so the message can be spread to help people understand that we are being fooled and lied to? I am based in Spain and doing my bit … not easy… people are like hypnotised… Thanks!

  9. Deirdre

    I am an Australian and read where Australia has one x 1,000 bed camp in operation and others of the same bed capacity now being constructed. Yet these puppet Politicians have Medical and other Advisors to tell them that the Covid deaths and disabilities from COVID Inoculations’ are mainly are now outnumbering the un -inoculated. Israel being a very examinable report card for these so called experts in all governments.

    Yet amazingly all these developed Nations are – at the same time – building these “detention centres”. this shows the AGENDA in play.

    I have not had time to follow your election, but was shocked that Trudeau is still in your Parliament. Its unbelievable – he is pure eveil and a handmaiden of the Psychopathic cabal ….

  10. Fabio Marcucci

    Absolutely brilliant presentation and explanation by both doctors.
    We need you guys to into main stream media and speak the truth. Please!

  11. Martin

    Excellent video, very clear explanations

    Also very important:

    The Pfizer patent application approved, August 31st, 2021 is the very first patent that shows up in a list of over 18500 for the purpose of remote contact tracing of all vaccinated humans worldwide who will be or are now connected to the “internet of things” by a quantum link of pulsating microwave frequencies of 2.4 glz or higher from cell towers and satellites directly to the graphene oxide held in the fatty tissues of all persons inoculated

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