Legal advice to stay un-injected and free

Legal advice to stay uninjected and free

Here is legal advice to stay free and un-injected; and a little comedy to lighten your day

Legal Advice to Stay Free and Uninjected

These injections are not vaccines, and they do not prevent infection or transmission of coronaviruses. Yet people are being herded using human rights violations, into accepting forced injections.

A US lawyer has shared excellent advice on one approach to deal with employers or other institutions attempting to force you into injection submission, under threat of violating your human rights such as freedom to make a living, or move freely in society.   

We hope you find these legal insights useful to protect yourself.


The secret is NOT to refuse the jab and do not sign anything!

From a lawyer:

If you are being forced to Vax in order to keep your job, here’s a great way to handle it. (Conditional acceptance)

The secret is NOT to refuse it.

“I write with regard to the matter of potential covid vaccine and my desire to be fully informed and appraised of ALL facts before going ahead. I’d be most grateful if you could please provide the following information, in accordance with statutory legal requirements.”:

  1. Can you please advise the approved legal status of any vaccine and if it is experimental?
  2. Can you please provide details and assurances that the vaccine has been fully, independently and rigorously tested against control groups and the subsequent outcomes of those tests?
  3. Can you please advise the entire list of contents of the vaccine I am to receive and if any are toxic to the body?
  4. Can you please fully advise of all the adverse reactions associated with this vaccine since it’s introduction?
  5. Can you please confirm that the vaccine you are advocating is NOT experimental mRNA gene altering therapy?
  6. Can you please confirm that I will not be under any duress from yourselves as my employers, in compliance with the Nuremberg Code?
  7. Can you please advise me of the likely risk of fatality, should I be unfortunate to contract Covid 19 and the likelihood of recovery?
  8. Can you please advise me if I were to experience any adverse reactions is the manufacturer of the vaccine liable? If the manufacturer isn’t liable will the company I’m currently employed with with be responsible & liable as it is their request that I have the vaccine in order to carry on my employment?

Once I have received the above information in full and I am satisfied that there is NO threat to my health, I will be happy to accept your offer to receive the treatment, but with certain conditions – namely that:

  1. You confirm in writing that I will suffer no harm.
  2. Following acceptance of this, the offer must be signed by a fully qualified doctor who will take full legal and financial responsibility for any injuries occurring to myself, and/or from any interactions by authorized personnel regarding these procedures.
  3. In the event that I should have to decline the offer of vaccination, please confirm that it will not compromise my position and that I will not suffer prejudice and discrimination as a result?

I would also advise that my inalienable rights are reserved.

The point is that if they CANNOT provide that information you’ve NOT refused.

A little comedy

If you have not yet seen this, we think you’ll enjoy this insightful parody from JP Sears:

Take Action Canada

Congratulations Canada! Our quest just got easier thanks to Take Action Canada. This great new asset is informing and facilitating an awakened public to restore sanity and co-create a fair, intelligent, and kind future. Take advantage of the resources at Take Action Canada: easy petition links, and step by step action guides. Please consider paying them a visit and using their resources to aid in the liberation of our society:


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  1. Tracy Doak

    Sooo grateful for your commitment to this, what shouldn’t be an issue!!! You have a way of presenting current developments which are often not happy ones, in a sensitive way. Against my wishes, I have 3 sons who have been vaccinated and so it’s difficult for me at times to read about what they potentially will be physically dealing with. Some of the updates are hard to swallow but somehow your newsletters are worded in a more delicate and factual way than others. Thank You for this.

    Tracy Doak

  2. kimberlay kiernan

    I used a similar approach about a hundred years ago when I was working for a University. I called it a “Cinderella Response”. It goes something like this,” Why dear, of COURSE you may go to the ball, but first you must…..polish all the silver, make new dresses for your sisters, fix their hair, their nails, clean all the windows on both sides, and…oh yes, harvest all the fruit from the apple trees, and make the preserves for the coming winter”. This wonderful legal response is a PERFECT Cinderella response to an insistent employer. Absolutely NOT a “no”. Instead a series of impossible tasks. Lovely!

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