Isolation camps, Justice, Evidence, and Heroes

Isolation camps, Justice, Evidence, and Heroes.

There is lots to report; so let's be concise.

  1. Isolation camps: A little more terror from the Trudeau regime: Canada’s “Voluntary” Isolation Camps.  We wonder if they will be as voluntary as the masks, lockdowns, nose swabs, and injections have been? 
  2. JusticeDr. Peter McCullough Issues Stark Warning To ALL “Experts’ Who Pushed Crimes Against Humanity [VIDEO]  “It’s Time to hunt the hunters”.  For Dr McCullough’s impressive credentials click here.
  1. EvidenceReiner Fuelmich Corona Investigative Committee Session 72 “The Coolant is Boiling!”. This is a loaded five hour session,  but here are some top highlight subjects: Judge indicts: Crimes against humanity committed by a pedophile elite!; Situation in Israel;  Spanish flu – what role did vaccination play then?; The “Delta Variant” is the vaccination itself!; About scripted BBC interviews; Harmfulness of the spike protein; and critically appraising the idea of herd immunity by means of inoculation of harmless parts of the population.
  2. Heroes: This is what a strong and ethical judge looks like: we send great respect to Judge Dr Rul da Fonseca y Castro of Portugal. Here he took a front-line stance for human rights and the rule of just laws. 
Today, another important hero whom we enthusiastically salute, and support is Canadian physician Dr. Patrick Phillips. Since the beginning of the Criminal Covid Enterprise, Dr. Phillips has not submitted to the corruption, nor strayed from honest science, and compassionate ethical care for his patients. His study and sharing of covid science has been extensive, meticulous, and has been a resource for other experts. Ontario’s medical establishment has become dystopic: muzzling doctors, suppressing lifesaving treatments, running deception campaigns with the dinosaur media, forcing extremely dangerous injections, covering up injection related deaths and injuries, and so much more. Dr Phillips has stood fast, and they have been relentlessly attacking him. In their latest move, the College of Physicians and Surgeons led by Dr Nancy Whitmore, just suspended his license from prescribing ivermectin, assessing covid patients, and completing medical exemptions for people who do not want to be forcibly injected and damaged, in exchange for little drops of their human rights. Further revealing the evil practices of Dr. Nancy Whitmore’s CPSO, they “notified” him by an email to his lawyer one minute before midnight, whist they schemed with their fellow meat-puppets in the dinosaur media and launched their surprise assault against him the following morning. Their methods were so sneaky that Dr. Phillips first found out about what had been done against him around the same time as anybody else, from the so-called “news”. Let’s elevate Dr. Patrick Phillips with gratitude, respect, prayer, and donations to support his defense against the tyrants.

Dr. Patrick Phillips

Here is a recent presentation by Dr Phillips entitled “Our Battle for Human Sovereignty”:

Take Action Canada

Congratulations Canada! Our quest just got easier thanks to Take Action Canada. This great new asset is informing and facilitating an awakened public to restore sanity and co-create a fair, intelligent, and kind future. Take advantage of the resources at Take Action Canada: easy petition links, and step by step action guides. Please consider paying them a visit and using their resources to aid in the liberation of our society:


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  1. Evelyn Morrissey

    Not only is the Canadian Medical Association and the Provincial Medical Associations coming after the doctors who dare to speak out against the injections now the provinces are doing the same thing to the nurses. My RN daughter in Alberta just got notice from her licensing board that she will lose her license to practice if she speaks out against the main stream narrative. She is already being put on unpaid LOA as of Nov 1st for refusing to bend her knee to the Covid injection!

  2. Gail

    I had an interesting conversation with a relative who had heard recordings of nurses in hospitals saying that patients who are not vaccinated don’t deserve to be treated….don’t bother with them, they will die anyway. Since when were nurses judge and jury. Patients who arrive because of obesity, smoking, alcoholism, drug overdose are deserving of treatment regardless of the outcome but not people of conscience who choose not to be vaccinated? When did we descend into this madness? Society is crumbling before our eyes. Bottom line….don’t go to any hospital.

    • joy

      Hospitals are early hospices, always have been for some people. You know who you are if you belong there at all, or not.
      It’s certainly upside down where those taking responsibility, ie.uninjected, are blamed, when it’s the injected that have more problems.

  3. John Frymire

    Great work done here in defending against and exposing the World War against the body.

    Important information; one can easily confirm the visibility of mRNA vaxxed showing up in (most) android phones’ Bluetooth settings as as set of 12 hexadecimal names (6 pairs separated by colons – e.g. 12:34:56:78:90:AB) in the “Avaiable devices” screen area. Sinopharm does not show up here, not sure about adenovirus vaxes.. Easily provable with a vaxxed volunteer on an android phone. The mRNA vax is microchipping all those who take it.

    *first seen on Henry Makow’s blog

  4. Heather

    I am unvaccinated and recovering from covid19. I was in an Alberta hospital room with 4 other unvaccinated covid patients, 2 of whom were intubated and put into induced comas in ICU before being transferred to the covid ward because of the severity of the infection. One was a 27 year old single mother. The nurses who were vaccinated ( I asked), worked tirelessly 12 hr shifts. And answered every call button promptly. One patient literally was crashing and it took 3 nurses and a Dr to work 1 1/2 hrs to stabilize her and not once was anyone abrupt or impatient with any of us. What made me incredibly sad was when I was discharged there was an antivaxxer rally right outside the covid ward causing my husband’s 1 min drive turn into 20 mins trying to pick me up. I couldn’t believe that one of the antivaxxers actually spit on one of the workers who had been working tirelessly on the ward where almost all the patients were unvaccinated
    and why? You can’t even get a vaccine at the hospital. Its horrible the division that this is causing. And for what? Who wins from the hatred caused against another human being? It is our right to remain unvaccinated if that is what we choose but know that with every right there is a responsibility that comes with that choice. The responsibility to keep us and all we come in contact with safe. Whether vaccinated or not. Many of our friends, colleagues and family are vaccinated. We can choose to love them. Not see them as mindless idiots or enemies because they are neither. The vaccinated are just as concerned about covid19 and,as they see it would like everyone vaccinated to get rid of it as the unvaccinated are about taking the vaccine into their bodies. Division is not the answer.

  5. Frances

    I don’t wish to be inoculated with either of the experimental gene therapy jabs for a viral infection which has low fatality rate, except for the elderly and those with underlying conditions. Why are the vaccinated worried if they have already had the two shots and possibly a booster. Check out the hospitalsations in Israel.

  6. Chris

    Very well said Heather. I also choose to not get the vaccination but I determined it will not destroy any of my relationships. I have friends that are vaccinated and don’t want to be in the same room with me.. I respect that and still want to be in relationship with them. Don’t let this divide friendships and family relations. We need to respect each ones decision. Be respectful and don’t use this as an excuse to behave badly..

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