Africa Leads: The Cure for Covid Is Justice

Africa Leads: The Cure for Covid Is Justice

This is the biggest case in the world right now.

Scientific and legal experts from around the world have been collaborating in much detail for the past one and a half years. Scientific realities are fully illuminated now. The pandemic, PCR tests lockdowns, masking and forced injections are all rooted in deception and corruption.

While scientific and legal teams from around the world are working together; specific fronts of advanced action are emerging. South African legal teams are spearheading actions, that should lead the way for the rest of Africa and the world.

The South African president, parliament and central bank of South Africa have committed numerous violations of their constitution, violated human rights, severely damaged health and society, and strapped massive unjustified debt on the citizens of South Africa.

The legal proceedings, court case 299/21, now before the constitutional court of SA, present a massive cache of evidence of the illegality and corruption of the Criminal Covid Enterprise’s South African operatives. They seek bold and necessary actions by the court to end the covid abuse, free the people, deliver justice, and take measures to end the operations of the global predators such that this never happens again. If the justice system is intact, and this action succeeds as it rightly should; then the legal remedies to the criminal covid enterprise can free mankind, so we may rise to greater heights than ever before.

Please pray for the South African people and this noble team of lawyers, scientists, doctors, and activists, as well as the massive team of us rising around the world and coming together.

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  1. Dale Marie Lutes

    Courageous actions in the name of truth while respecting fundamental human rights will ultimately win but not without effort, support and prayer. Thank you South Africa for leading the world.

  2. Melody Chard-Schonski

    So glad to hear that South Africa is taking the powers that be to task in court! I am eager to hear the outcome of this effort to get justice and hope it will help inspire other countries to end this worldwide Crime against Humanity. Thank you for sharing this excellent news.

  3. Jocelyne

    What an amazing video: so smart, so clear, so “right to the point” with no hatred but a real quest for justice! All the nations of the world should follow his reasoning: it is unparable! Making people who had the power and the responvibitity to show prudence and to ask the roper questions responsible for not having done so is very very smart. May God bless and protect this man and all the people involved.

  4. Rod

    I suspect that this young prize-fighter for justice is going to need every bit of protection possible to protect him and his team during their efforts to expose the dark forces behind the international scam. There is enough information available to indicate that – the guardians of Reserve Banks are not known for ethical diplomacy.

  5. betty

    Because this is the truth and a model for how we should procede. I understand his life is in danger and pray every day for his safety and the safety of all those who support this very important movement. It’s not a halfway effort but all out ridence of a reseme that is present in every country. This process was evident in the Neuremberg Trials, so anything short of this complete process is only putting a patch on the corruptions. How many years did Isreal seek out those criminals who appeared to escape but were discovered and then prosecuted, I think one of the last people was here in our country. So even if someone (politians, heads of organization, and others try to escape to another country they will be hunted down and brought back.
    Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention and the solution to what is happening in our country is exacty the same.
    I saw the same process outlined in the country to our south but can’t find it now in my files.
    Your daily emails are so timely and encouraging! Thanks

    • Trozzi Support Team

      Thank you for your supportive comment Betty! Indeed, we must pray for this most important movement and the good lawyers driving it, and the criminals must be brought to justice.
      God bless you Betty,
      -Ryan (Trozzi Support Team)

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