The 5th Doctor – Ep. 4

Charter of Rights & Freedoms Legend Brian Peckford Condemns Vaccine Mandates

Dr. Trozzi: "Sam Dubé is absolutely one of the most important Canadian journalists of our time. I recommend subscribing to his channel"


In this breaking and historic interview, the LAST SURVIVING ARCHITECT of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, The Honourable Brian Peckford, P.C., explodes onto the scene with his utter condemnation of the Canadian government’s response to the “pandemic”, and consequently its blatant violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The former Premier of Newfoundland discusses with Sam Dubé, M.D., Ph.D., the flagrant disregard of the fundamental principles and laws upon which Canada and its provinces were founded as enshrined in the Charter, the abject failure and globalist agenda of current Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the undemocratic policies of the three major parties and the radical restructuring that must occur, the upcoming federal election and his support for Max Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada (P.P.C.), and what we can all do to urgently oppose the insidious, and now rapid loss of freedom and democracy.


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  1. Mark Girard

    Hello. Every time I click on a link to your articles from the emails you send me I land on a page with nothing more than a headline. Is this on my end or yours?

  2. LC

    unable to see any content on this page, only the title, ‘previous’ section, and ‘leave a reply’ section. I have tried multiple browsers, disabled ad-ons etc.

  3. Geo

    Many many thanks for this Interview Sam. Wonderful in it’s scope
    and answered many questions I wanted qualified by a source I
    could trust. Mark Trozzi’s interview with Peter Breggin is a must
    also. Thank you again…..

  4. Sharon Roy

    Max Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada (P.P.C.)should be allowed to debate in this upcoming election with other parties publicly…and discuss this vaccine mandate , and also the vaccine passports..which are unconstitutional and against out charter of rights and violate our free choice.

  5. John Knutson

    It is SO frustrating!! I send Premier Moe articles, videos, emails at least one every other day! To no avail! Never hear back from anyone, never see any change in their reckless non science policies. “Ya the Saskatchewan Government will not be putting in vaccine passports..BUT we are working closely with the universities, roughriders, and private business to get them in place”!!! What a spineless joke of a man! What can we do?!? Ryan Meilie my god help us! He is no option! Things are just crazy!

  6. Mike Glanville

    Thank you, Dr. Trozzi, for sending out this interview. From now on, Sam Dubé’s interviews will get my full attention. I have sent this interview out to all of my friends.

    I hope that you are enjoying a very restful and fulfilling Labour Day.

  7. Joni Rahmlaka

    News media and social media should be legally obligated to publish, on an ongoing basis, a prominent notice where they have entered into agreements to self-censor what news they report on a particular topic. Canadians rely almost exclusively on news media and social media to be informed about issues. When there is no prominent disclosure of self-censorship, Canadians believe these sources to be providing balanced reporting of those issues when in fact they are not. This is tantamount to fraud.

    • Gumnut

      This has been Orchestrated by the few – who meet the criteria for the label of Psychopaths’, they have no conscience, no empathy, have a hatred, jealousy and resentment of “healthy-minded” human beings, they think they are always right as they follow their own peculiar inner Agendas, and its all about WINNING. Yes, the money gives them power, but it comes down to a desperate need to WIN – at all costs. Therefore each and every able-minded human being on this Planet MUST stand up and be counted to eradicate their evil, destructive ways and place healthy mechanisms into so many areas of life that these sick beings have twisted and also destroyed overtime.

      These Sociopaths are having a “ball” at present as they would be laughing with delight and malice at what they have done/doing to human beings. The manipulation and control that makes them feel “alive” and yet they have been “emotionally dead” since a small child.

      Form groups and write continuous letters/emails to these Newspaper owners and Editors on a local and National basis, and I presume that people are not buying the Newspapers in Canada now? plenty of alternative, factual News sources on the Internet now, but maybe each group of people can have a weekly Internet Newsletter? as local News is missing from alternative media sites.

      Psychopaths’ do feel an emotion of sorts when they are REJECTED – totally, that really throws them out, and we are seeing glimpses of that now in the weird-er behaviours (4 Jabs, Passport really being pushed, masks on/off, lockdowns (a Prison term), and the now very obvious irrationality of it on display as a result of these dictates, of those that would further Globalise and have us all under their “control”. But pressure has to be kept up in a calm manner, and “ones’ back” turned at the Psychopath with TOTAL indifference and calmness – that really “bugs” the Psychopath – to be treated as a person of no consequence and little value.

      Have an Article written for a Weekly Local Newspaper (Internet) describing the Personality (disorders- Signs & Symptoms) of a Sociopath/Psychopath so that the public can understand what (people) they are dealing with. Most people have no idea that these types are in the midst of their Society and not in Prison or a Psychiatric centre. Most Psychiatrists refuse to treat Sociopaths as the Psychopath thinks their is nothing wrong with them. and the Sociopath/Psychopaths – if they do attend a Psychiatrists’ office do it to further their Agenda (eg. keep a wife/husband who is threatening to leave them, but all the time are watching and learning the Psychiatrists’ methods for their own use. They promise the World but fade away once they get the person/situation back under their control (they have “won”).
      Much like the on/off again behaviours being thrust upon the World at present. Look at Fauci for example.

      People also need to realise that many social media sites, as my son said years ago, Facebook is for Fools and Twitter is for Twats. Now its also used by “plants” promulgating what they are paid to say, be it the CIA etc., or malicious paid/unpaid human beings, who have “come out of the woodwork” encouraged by this very sick AGENDA.

      The very Best Wishes for the Elections and do get the information out in Canada to help people who cannot believe this Scenario is going to get far, far worse, unless they use their vote wisely, they may not have another Election if little boy Trudeau stays in that job, he shall only further flood Government positions with his type, and of course with his Psychopathic personality, he would so full of an unbridled ego then, that he would believe he is JC incarnate.

  8. Richard Bligdon

    It was really exciting to see this interview with the former Newfoundland Premier and last surviving architect of the Charter.

    One of the concerns with this plandemic,listening to constitutional lawyers like Rocco Galati,the JCCF,etc is ,we see how despite section 2 of the charter guaranteeing various rights,we saw the police in Toronto using section 1 to threaten protesters(while other groups were left alone)and the governments abusing the charter to push this scamdemic,which means: did the authors put in “loopholes.”

    The Peoples Party is rising and Canadians have had enough,want freedom and no “vaccine” passports.

  9. Cher

    How do we ensure that Max wins this one when he is purposely being locked out! If the vote is split between PPC and CPC then doesn’t that ensure a win for Truedough? This is what happened last time. This is communistic tactics against Max and has no place in our Canada.

  10. Sheila Williams

    So good to hear common sense revealed
    I wondered if there was anyone left who had been in the political arena seeing how we’ve evolved into the communist mess we are now seeing
    Trudeau has to go that would be a great start
    We need the charter of rights and the constitution plastered everywhere until the people wake up
    Thank you Mr. Peckford

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