Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms is Defending You

Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms is Defending You

The Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms verses Ontario's current tyrannical politicians.

The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom in Canada, is standing up for the constitution and our human rights, against “vaccine” passports

Sadly, many governments including the Canadian federal government and the Ontario provincial government under Premier Ford regard the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms, not as sacred documents to study and revere while serving the public; but rather as substitutes for toilet paper as they serve their corporate overloads, trample human rights, and vandalize our lives and society.

However, we do not support or accept their corrupt agendas, misinformation campaigns, and violations of everything sacred.

Thank God for the noble work of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms. www.jccf.ca

The JCCF is a Canadian legal organization and federally registered charity that defends citizens’ fundamental freedoms under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, through pro bono legal representation, and educating Canadians about our human rights.

The JCCF is an organization very worth supporting, and is one of the great hopes for Canadians who want an end the dystopian nightmare being unleashed in the name of covid, a viral illness that was no more severe than a seasonal flu.

SARS CoV2, an extensively patented virus and its related products, have been used to create a super-high profit industry and authoritarian takeover of much of world. Now the Criminal Covid Enterprise’s minions in government are forcing a dangerous injection which is not a vaccine,  is not safe,  and is not effective at preventing the spread of this infamous, patented, low mortality, high profit virus.

Vaccine passports represent the final descent by governments from any decency, into unbridled evil. These so-called injections cause far more death than covid ever did, and sadly there is lots more to come.

Therefore, the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms has issued this letter to Ontario’s Premier Ford, Health Minister Elliott, and Dr. Moore demanding they respect the law and human rights, and rescind their new “Vaccine Passport Laws”

Here is the letter: a document based on truth and the real laws of our country. We should all be grateful and supportive of the JCCF. Please consider donating to their work as the defend us against the tyrants.

Take Action Canada

Congratulations Canada! Our quest just got easier thanks to Take Action Canada. This great new asset is informing and facilitating an awakened public to restore sanity and co-create a fair, intelligent, and kind future. Take advantage of the resources at Take Action Canada: easy petition links, and step by step action guides. Please consider paying them a visit and using their resources to aid in the liberation of our society: https://takeactioncanada.ca/


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  1. Anne Coles

    Thank God for Dr. Trozzi and the JCCF. We will contribute to the cause. Very close friends have now been irreversibly, physically damaged by the ‘jab’ and an acquaintance died the following day after her second injection.

  2. Stephen Koculym

    I think this is great,thank you for what you are doing.I had covid in dec2020,So many people are totaly brain washed”listen to the Media,whom only delivers the offical,goverment approved narrative”I myself have been asked by my employer”manager””Well Steve since you aren’t vaccinated you’ll have to take a test on fridays before your shift”My managers statement was made in public with a number of coworkers present.I’m not too tech savy but i’ll check out the resorses you have supplied.

  3. Evelyn Morrissey

    Dr. Trozzi Letter notes that an exemption is available for those allergic to an ingredient in the “vaccine”. How does any doctor and especially an allergist know what the ingredients are in the vaccine? 1) It will take months if not years to get an appointment with a doctor to refer you to an allergist and then months if not years to get an appointment with an allergist. 2) How many months does an allergy workup take? 3) When will the public be informed as to what the ingredients are in the gene therapy injections to even know if they could possible be allergic to the injection? 4) With the current muzzling of the doctors occurring, will an allergist even be allowed to write an exemption? Dealing with the exemption for “Myocarditis”. So we all need to risk permanent, irreversible heart damage before we can get an exemption!!!

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