Interview with What’s Up Canada

Dr. Trozzi’s most entertaining interview yet on: What’s Up Canada?

It's frank, lively, hopeful, and funny.

What’s Up Canada is the platform where Dr Bridle first shared his insights with the public regarding the covid injections. Now, the host Wayne did a great job in this livestream interview with Dr Trozzi. Many blunt truths are laid bare. Despite the dark subject matter, there are some good laughs and plenty of hope. Please enjoy. We think you will find it enlightening and entertaining.

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  1. Maureen Sullivan

    Dr Trozzi—-I was a Pediatric nurse and I loved it…..The hospital I worked in did abortions and I wasn’t allowed to say one word to anyone, if they
    happened to bring a woman to my floor because of bed shortage on surgical–for an abortion.

    I was shunned at work, ostracized and in turmoil and the same scripture kept coming to me “You cannot serve both God and money” and shortly
    thereafter I quit my job..Everyone knew me as pro life and a Catholic Christian so my working environment was difficult

    About 40 years have passed since then and God has taken care of me in ways too numerous to mention…I thank God for you and pray many more doctors and nurses will do the same


  2. Andrea

    Excellent interview. Your reference to Matthew 6:24 captures the essence of who you are Dr. Trozzi.
    Deeply thought out, acutely observant, wonderfully questioning, responsive to your own inner compass, responsible to and honouring of the oath you swore upon completing your medical degree, in possession of enough integrity to answer this difficult perplexing call you have been given, and possessing the gift of courage to sacrifice for truth and the well being of all of us who can hear your message. Trustable.

    You walk with a growing army of truth seekers performing in multitudinous roles, sharing myriad levels of talents and gifts. May you find strength and hope in every step you take as you shine your Light and touch so many others seeking the same Light.

    God bless and May all of those reading and hearing your thoughts also spread the Light they are receiving from you, in their own unique ways, magnifying the message you are beaming out to as many as have ears to hear and eyes to see. Thank you for all that you are giving to others including me. I am most grateful.

    • Trozzi Support Team

      I want to thank you personally Andrea. That is the most, encouraging, and inspiring message I can imagine receiving. My team and I feel very uplifted by you.
      May God please continue to inspire and use you in the great mission to restore a kind and honest society.
      -Mark Trozzi MD

  3. hi inseel

    Listening to this guy proves exactly why you should never trust any doctors. Ever. Never again. We who are scholars have researched these areas for years already. And never have we been taken seriously. Always mocked. Well, we have been proven right. These so called expert doctors have been proven wrong. Resist. Stand up. Just say ‘no’.

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