Do Not Submit. Unite.

Resist the bioweapon, survive medical apartheid, hunt the predators.

A message from Dr. Trozzi

Dear friends. We must unite. In Canada alone there are about eight million people including about four million adults, who have resisted the imposed bioweapon injections. In the world, there are six billion people who have so far not been violated by needle.

The global predators have infiltrated many governments and institutions. In many places including Canada, they are now using them to impose medical apartheid or “vaxports” on those who won’t submit.

We must not submit. We must always recognize our God-given rights.

How shall we face this new medical apartheid?

On one hand: refuse to impose it. Do not violate other’s privacy and bodily sovereignty by demanding that they “show their papers” and prove that they have submitted to injection predators like Bill Gates. Even if your job assigns you to ask these invasive questions of people, you should accept their right to say, “no thank you, I don’t wish to discuss what medicines or experimental injections I have had.”

On the other hand: recognize that you do not have to disclose your personal medical information to anyone. IF your employer, University, restaurant, or gym, asks to see your so called “vaccine” papers, politely decline. State that you do not wish to discuss your personal medical history including whether or not you are taking any experimental genetic injections. Then carry on.

Your charter of rights and freedoms

Recognize your charter rights and freedoms in your work, within your school or any other normal place where you may go. If someone tells you that you may not move freely because you have not produced your injection documents, don’t fight, but don’t accept or obey them. Go about your business. Exercise you charter freedoms and rights. Be calm. If they block or push you, or even have someone in a uniform push or pull you, don’t fight, but record it. Video these events, or have a friend video them. When possible, take names and record dates and times. Make clear statements like “don’t assault me, stop assaulting me, you are assaulting me, you are violating my rights, stop violating my rights”. In this scenario you may very well end up leaving, but you will leave with the evidence of the assault and violation of your rights, which we will use later in the lawsuits. 

How we can survive

Next, we must survive. We will likely face some lean times ahead. The manipulative global predators and their puppets in government, have worked hard to isolate us with their lockdowns, forced facial coverings, and hate speech against the un-injected; it’s the old “divide and conquer” method. So, unite! We must help each other survive through this apartheid. It may mean scaling down, two or three families sharing one house, sharing food, transportation, or shelter. We are going to have to become very good at getting along, working together, living in larger groups, sharing food, shelter and other resources. We must love one another.
Many of us may soon be locked out of our jobs for refusing Gates and Fauci’s bioweapon injections. Those who can still earn old style money will have to share it. But all of us can work for each other. Those who cannot earn money, can support the earners in other ways. Build, repair, clean, grow food, and help or serve each other in many ways. We may live with less in some ways, but we will be rich with the things we provide and do for one another. Let’s get back to the basics of good culture like: love one another, and follow the Golden Rule.

Love each other, work for each other, tighten our belts, and put as much time and energy as possible into acting against the global predators.

It's time to hunt the global predators

Yes, we need to hunt the global predators, and all their minions. We can never have a safe and kind world so long as these villains are still flying around in their private jets and manipulating the world. We have a big clean up job!
Everyone has a part to play in the waking giant, which is mankind at our best.
We are in a crisis: a war really. We have all been abused and brainwashed. Many have succumbed and believe the brainwashing.
We who have not succumbed, or who have succumbed then awakened, must now get very creative and organized.
There are those who are injection victims but realize the deception and violation that has occurred to them. Such victims among us can also be very motivated at hunting the perpetrators.

We Must Unite

We must unite, love one another, help each other survive, and join forces to hunt the global predators.

People and organizations are coming together to fight these predators and reestablish free and fair society. So come together with likeminded people, and join likeminded organizations. Such organizations can be found here:

We are not alone. In Canada, there are about eight million Canadians who have held the line and rejected the dangerous forced injections. There are many more who are victims of the injections, who need our help, and are also ready to fight for justice and freedom.

The cure for covid is unity, survival, justice, and love.

-Mark Trozzi, MD

This is what happens when people unite against tyrants

Trudeau afraid to get off bus


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  1. John Sanctus Clarus (120) (ihs)

    Hey Dr. Trozzi, The Canadian Charter f Rights and Freedoms is conditional upon the Sheeple’s acceptance to be a debt slave to the Private Central Banking System that enslaves virtually the whole world. Hey Dr. Trozzi, King John was forced to sign the Magna Charter by the Templar Barons because of his excessive
    power, and the Templer Barons effectively took over the powers of King John. To this day, Temple Bar (Templar Barons) exists in London (Londinium).
    Hey Dr. Trozzi, The Corporation of Canada has no power over you because the Private Central Bank that finances Canada through your taxes that pay of Canada’s debts, as a slave. You could tell the Canadian Government which is the “debt collector” to the Private Central Bank where they can stick their COVIDIOT Experi(mental) Technology, but the down side is that the “debt collector” controls everything that your life depends on. I’m afraid that humanity, rather than be free, chins itself in the “chains that bind.”

  2. Vivian Wiggins

    Thank you so much for all that you are doing to spread the word and give those who are “unvaxxed” the emotional support to carry on in our fight against this tyranny.
    I am campaigning for the PEOPLE’s PARTY OF CANADA. It is my way of helping in our cause to regain our freedoms that have been lost during this “criminal covid enterprise” as you have so justly labeled it.

    I am finding that some of my neighbours are now discovering that the Canadian government has been lying to them. A couple of them that I spoke to during campaigning are in denial after hearing some podcast/video with Mr. Maxime Bernier discussing these injections with experts in the field. I was actually chased off a constituent’s driveway when he found out who I was campaigning for. Some are still in the dark…..A close neighbour treats me like a leper because I am not “vaxxed.” And yet another neighbour pleaded with me to get vaccinated!!! Another said that Maxime Bernier should be in jail for what he said about the vaccine; I.e. for telling the hard truth.
    The truth will be very difficult to take for those who were brainwashed by the MSM and submitted to these experimental injections; when all is disclosed to Canadians and the world in the next few weeks or months.
    In the meantime I will carry on in my fight.

    • Elisabeth

      I am supporting the PPC as well. Unfortunately I cannot vote because I am a Landed Immigrant. Maxime is the only politician who can save us from this madness. Thank you for all you do and the disgrace you have to endure because of it. I try to get the worrd out about Mr. Bernier to people who are fed up with what is going on. Quite a few, especially people in their 20s have not yet heard about him. My husband and I will definitely not get these shots. We do not trade an elephant for a fly. This vaccines are not proven save, how can they be after only a short while. Why shall we risk Guillain Barre Syndrome, Bell’s Palsy, Prion Disease, heart disease, cancer and God knows what else, for a virus, that has a 99.95 survival rate for most of us. We plan on taking Novavax, once it comes around, as I have very old parents living in Europe. Maybe it is granted me to see them again. Keep up the fight, it will not be invain.

  3. Donna McDonald

    I decided early on that I would not be taking “the jab”. Thank you for sharing your information, you have provided me with added data I could not find on my own, I appreciate it.

  4. Gayle McIntyre

    Hi, Thanks for your amazing support and beautiful initiatives. I found this website yesterday on a show I was watching, maybe Alex Jones, or Greg Reese? and thought it may be useful in collecting, reporting and sharing data for injury from injections being forced around the world as it seems very new and popular. Apparently, it seems this VAERS CDC Report System that isn’t particularly accurate or accessible or truthful is somewhat complicated and is associated and/or monitored through our favourite nefarious business CDC Wonder System working with the FDA pharma corps. It’s called and may be good to support and share? I hope so as we need all the ammunition we can find. Love to All.

  5. roger Mason

    you kinda didn’t tell people how to send you
    donations especially an address to send a
    check or m.o. you should consider the canadian
    equivalent of the american 501c3 non profit status.

  6. Darren Delage

    Individual Acts of Courage and Bravery can add up to social movements. You have my attention in your heartfelt honesty , something wholly missing in all the popular media . We are forced to the fringe for the truth .Such is the state of our country now. I thank you for your brave and honest words.

  7. Louisa

    Dr. Trozzi:
    Thank you so much for giving such a strong voice in the wilderness of wokeness and deceit! Please keep up with the good work and our prayers are with you! We will not be ashamed at the time when we are called home by God! In JMJ, Louisa and family

  8. Lori Warwick

    Working in a hospital, I realized day 1 that we had no pandemic.
    Our hospital had never been so empty as it was the 10 years I worked there.

    I worked un-masked for the first 5-6 months of this serving the few covid patients we had, they were discharged within a day or two.
    I hated driving past those hero signs….
    When the mask mandate finally came down I tried to keep going, but alas, I have a phobia, so Instead of plying myself with anxiety meds to continue, I retired early.
    I lost the last 10 years of my career and a good solid pension….
    Why do you think health workers are walking out of their jobs….
    we have seen what is happening….

  9. peter

    Fabulous, just utterly fabulous to see people of like mind standing up and speaking words of truth !
    Today was my last day at work due to youknowwhat – 2021 Sep 13, Vancouver, BC – considered, more than once “most-valued-employee” in the store by management… thus, now we have business owners firing their best people all around the continent because they obliviously-ignorantly obey lunatic ludicrous anti-science mandates for medical malpractice en masse by politician-bureaucrats overspilling with the most despicably repugnant self-decreed dictatorial kingrulership !
    They are the stain of the century on humanity and on the achievements of civil society ! !

  10. Tessa

    You are the real deal and we so appreciate you. A land slide of health care now coming forward across the world telling what they are seeing in the ICU – the “vaccine” (not) is not effective and it is not safe . They can say it a thousand times – does not make it true! We are not sheep – we do not consent. I see a new commercial now – they are now again using the health care heroes to say that we need to stand by them – that they did their thing, now we need to do our thing and take the shot – desparation setting in. Lawsuits across the globe. Court injunctions for ivermectin – paid for by Canadian Tax payers, and sitting on the shelves – they are being used by the elite and those in power? Makes zero sense. Japan now using ivermectin, and so many other countries. Common sense. If this was a panemic, then you throw everything you have at it – they are not.

  11. Laura Courtney-Clarke

    Dr Trozzi, thank you for your courage, bravery, and honesty! We are so, so in need of warriors like you that can ‘hold the line’ for us all. Thank you for all the amazing updates we receive. This week will be surely be the beginning of where we can show our strength in ‘holding our line’, as one nation, if we stand together and just say NO !! By the way, just a heads up …. the one video you posted on this website, headed: “France August 07 2021 all united against the “vaccine” passport” is actually the video from Iceland, headed : Epic Viking war chant: 10,000 fans pay tribute to Iceland team leaving Euro 2016, from about 5 years back. Hope you can find the appropriate video from France, as there are many great videos of the French people rising up against this passport ! Wishing you and your family well during these trying times, and that we can soon come together as free Canadians, to enjoy our individual and collective rights to health and safety ! Thank you again Dr Trozzi !


    Thankyou Dr. Trozzi for your efforts. Rest assure your efforts are not in vain with the Lord. I am also trying to get people to believe the truth but they are so easily manipulated by the lies. I have grandchildren I cannot visit. A son who is married to a doctor who will not have anything to do with the truth. They label it as fear tactics and of coarse misinformation.. They have tunnel vision. Cant see the big picture. I know of another doctor who does of emerg work well as family practice including obstetrics who is ready to resign due to the hospital forcing vaccination which he will not submit to. this will create an even greater shortage of doctors in an already underserviced area. So sad. God forbid if you mention ivermectin!

  13. Ashley Zelinski

    Dark times ahead. I’m a single mother of three and just my raw intuition tells me I’m being lied to. But it is good to have sites like this where I see others who feel the same way.

    I refuse to get the jab. However I hope I won’t have to pick between a paycheck or being injected soon. I voted PPC this year as its the only party who will end this tyranny.

    I have been called everything from a MAGA supporter to a Natzi to an idiot who “lets social media brainwash me”.

    I still will hold on my my choice for as long as I can. Nothing makes sense about this jab. Or the whole COVID pandemic. Everything is a lie. I work as a deckhand on tugboats so going out to sea I really feel the madness in the air and the fear when I get back on land after two to three weeks. I do have to let this job go because the kids need me at home now, so getting a new job is going to be very difficult without this “vaccine passport”. Id be lying if I didn’t say I was worried.

    I have forest behind my house and this is where I take comfort. But the reality is I have to be apart of this society and be a warrior for my kids. I hope I can find the support I need to stay alive, poison free and provide. And let them keep doing the activities that keep them socially adjusted and healthy.

    My daughters highschool even tried to talk the students into getting the jab without the parents consent. They were told it was there right to decide on their own and had a clinic set up after school. This is so deceitful in and of itself.

    • Liz

      There are two vaccines out there which are not MRNA or DNA which will be approved beginning of next year. One is Novavax (protein subunit) and the other one is Medicago plant based from Tobacco plant( produced in Quebec). They are more traditional and don’t get your body to produce the dangerous Covid spike protein. They don’t alter your genetics. They may be on the market in Feb 2022. Maybe you can hang in there until they are available? I hope they will give us a choice as the government has bought, I believe, 400 million gene jabs, and one might guess they want to get rid of those first? Maybe they sell the Novavax and Medicago to the so called third world countries and leave us with the poison, I don’t know. If worse comes to worse and if possible, I will get one of these jabs because I am from Central Europe and my parents are in their late eighties. I want to see them so badly. My heart breaks every time when I talk to them over WhatsApp. Will I ever see them again? Its so cruel what they have done to us. If their is still justice out there, they must be made to pay. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Wish you luck, Ashley, stay strong!

  14. Calvin

    Lots of great information here. Thank you! Unfortunately however, many can’t see the forest for the trees.

    The real problem and cause of our present predicament here is the UN’s 2030 Agenda (sustainable development) & the WEF’s (World Economic Forum) “Great Reset”.

    According to their own documents, their stated goals are none other than a one-world government, one-world economy, and a one-world religion by 2030.

    We shouldn’t be surprised though, in the Bible we were told this was going to happen. We haven’t seen anything yet, but God is in control. The world for the most part has rejected the true God, His truth, and His free offer of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ so they are about to reap the consequences of their decision.

  15. Sheila

    I emphasize with you…If this gives you some peace..I will include you in my prayers.. God’s providence and mercy be with you Ashley..

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