Canadian Nurse Exposes the Latest Covid Scam

Canadian Nurse Exposes the Latest Covid Scam: Injected, But Not "Vaxxed"...Yet.

The Criminal Covid Enterprise's latest way to cover up the injection injuries and demonizing the "unvaxxed."

It should come as no surprise that the criminal covid enterprise has a new layer to their deception campaign. It is how they are simultaneously covering up the death and disease caused by the injections, while supporting the lie that we have a pandemic caused by the so-called “un-vaxxed”.

Before we look at this newest lie, let’s quickly recall some of their preceding lies:

  1. There is a pandemic that started in 2020. False see
  2. The PCR proves covid. False see
  3. That the injections are vaccines. False see
  4. That the injections are safe. False see
  5. That the injections work to prevent covid. False see
  6. That the delta variant is dangerous and caused by the “un-vaxxed”. False see
  7. That the ingredients in the injections are only what they claimed to the FDA and other governmental agencies. False see

When will Gates, Fauci, other covid predators and their many minions stop lying?  When as required by international law, for violating the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights established in 1966 , they are hung. 

So, what is their latest deception strategy? They want to cover up the injuries and death resulting from their forced injections, and they want to demonize those of us, who despite their medical apartheid, still refuse to be injected. They are using their old standard trick:  making up definitions. Reports coming to us from USA, Canada, and other countries all tell this tale. The criminal covid enterprise has their accomplices throughout healthcare defining people as “unvaccinated” until weeks after their second injections. This means for instance that when someone has a heart attack three days after the injection, , it’s “not an adverse event” because they are “unvaxxed”.  It also means that when someone comes in with micro clotting throughout their lungs from the toxic spike proteins , which can resemble  severe covid, they can call it a case of “covid” in an “unvaxxed” patient. This supports the lie that covid is now a disease of the “unvaxxed”.

We very much appreciate this testimonial which was sent to us. It tells the very recent experience of a Canadian nurse. The author’s analysis is spot-on correct! We are keeping the writer and nurse’s identities anonymous to protect them. Here it is: 

"So, I have mentioned on here multiple times that my wife's a nurse at a hospital. Last night she worked an extra shift in the Emergency Room (not her regular department).

She found out, how "they" are getting away with claiming there's a "pandemic of the unvaccinated."

While dealing with a patient who came in exhibiting symptoms of myocarditis, a FT Emergency Room nurse conveyed some very interesting information to my wife. Apparently, all patients are asked whether or not they received the #CV19 vax, no matter what issue it is that brought them into the ER.

If the patient received the vax less than 14 days prior, they are recorded as "Un-Vaxxed" The story the nurses are being given, is that this is done because the vax takes 14 days to start working. The FT ER nurse my wife talked to last night has a different theory: It has been her observation that most patients coming in with what appears to be vaccine injuries are coming in within 72 hours of receiving the jab. By recording these patients as "Un-Vaxxed" they can do a few things:

- one, they can claim those vax injuries are a result of Covid & not the shot.

- two, they can bury the vaccine injury.

- three, they get to claim there's a "pandemic of the unvaccinated." It also turns out that nurses are being required to sign nondisclosure agreements, promising not to publicly discuss any procedures dealing with #CV19.

My wife refused to sign this agreement, and she's awaiting possible retaliatory response from upper mgmt. We need nurses across the country to start talking about all of this openly, as I'm sure our little hospital is not the only place this is occurring."
Anonymous Writer

No matter what your role in society is, stop acquiescing. Don’t Submit, Unite! 

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  1. Deirdre

    This has been “THEIR” Modus Operandi since the beginning of this monstrous lie about the common cold and the GENE ALTERING indecently rushed INOCULATION – it is NOT a VACCINE. A Big Pharma invention of many years in the making (the components that is).

    There is going to be a whole lot more of these type of never-ending “change your mind-on the go” responses, from the various players in this MASSIVE FRAUD, fuelled by their Psychologists and World-wide Public Relation companies, and the SHORT TERM “News Reporting” from MSM,.

    The EUROPEAN WINTER is just a few months away, and there are millions of GENE ALTERED, Metabolically challenged people who are already going down hill with these INOCULATIONS inside their bodies. Also it has never been revealed as to EXACTLY what is in the RECIPE for these INOCULATIONS.

    Even Pharmacists in the USA did not have their COVID INCOLUATIONS/supplies delivered with any of the usual Safety Information (the one that is always in such tiny print).

    The best of Health and wishes to Dr Trozzi, helpers and staff.

  2. John Sanctus Clarus (saintclair) (120 ihs)

    Hey Dr. Trozzi, Billyboy Gates of HELL and Dr. Anthony Fauci and their cronies are all owned by the Shekel, their:”Stay Out of Prison” card for services rendered.
    These pissheads and their Overlords are pissing their pants at the Nuremberg Code which was penned for the Overlords by scammers controlled by their Overlords who pull the strings behind the scene, to falsely accuse innocent German National Socialist Doctors of “Crimes Against Humanity” while the real Communist criminals: Communist Eng Land, The USATAN and Communist Russia who were all guilty of “Crimes Against Humanity” got away Scott free because they were all controlled by the Overlords who pulled the string behind the scene. The same happened when the Stern Gang murdered Count Bernadotte in occupied Palestine, who was a top UN Representative, while he was trying to negotiate a peace deal between the Asiatic Mongol Khazar terror regime in occupied Palestine and the indigenous Palestinians. The deranged filth who murdered Count Bernadotte got away Scott free, like the deranged filth in Communist Russia who liquidated an estimated 66/100 million Russian Gentiles.

  3. Jeanne Lathangue

    How many more lies do we have to endure
    Thank you to Dr Trozzi for his unending endurance
    We love him for it
    We will die with our boots on rather than aquiese to this experimental shot
    Thank you to all whistle blowers
    God is in charge and will prevail

  4. J Reilly

    are you nothing more than another shill site for the shekel like most of the ‘conservative’ sites are?
    if you have to ask john who the shekel is then you are the one with the problem.
    everything john mentioned is easily found on the internet and in public papers if you are willing to do just a little research.
    but then you are likely a millennial who is to lazy to do any real work other than what you see from yourself as perfection, being a liberal – work and truth are beyond your grasp.
    john is doing nothing more than showing his detest for the lies we endure – same as jeanne – yet you belittle him and praise jeanne.
    you prove your liberal side by hiding your ignorance of truth, which means you likely will not publish this comment either.
    ‘Trozzi support team’ we need people who stand for truth, the whole truth, not just what you want to hear and weed out what you don’t like and belittle those who speak what you detest because of your ignorance, or what doesn’t fit into your belief system.
    grow up millennial — but then you never will. you have proven over and over you will never be mature other than in your body stature.

    • Trozzi Support Team

      For context:
      ” Hi John,
      These are all very interesting and controversial points which would make for a great academic discussion. Do you have sources you’d recommend for others following this thread, or considered writing an article on it?
      Who are the Shekel?
      -Ryan (Trozzi Support) “

    • Wojciech Langer

      I agree. Millennials lack revision history knowledge, and surprisingly are not skilled in searching for information. On the mentioned topic , Paul Craig Roberts or Roy Unz blogs give excellent ‘troubling’ inside on USA, Engalnd and USSR vs. Germany history.

  5. Liz

    Absolutely disgusting. I have a hard time comprehending how evil this world has become when I wake up each morning. One might think how can this be, how can people be out there , governments whom we trusted and voted for, health care personal, who tolerate and even support all this. I have lost my innocence in the past 18 months, its too hard to behold so much evil. But I know it has happened before, history repeats itself. The cruelties of the Nazi regime, Communism, Christian persecutions during the Roman rule, bad things were always happening all over the world. We here in the West have been living in an Elysium, an Island of the Blessed…. This may well be over. They are coming for us now, too. Good to know that we are not alone. As long as we know that there are likeminded people out there, guided by among others, our wonderful Dr. Trozzi & team. We must bond with likeminded people, not be scared, feel inferior or isolate ourselves. This is what they want us to do, until we are broken and take the Gene jab, just to be accepted again. If we can do it we must stand up and quit our jobs for a while, show our teeth. The economy or health care system will not be able to withstand for too long and be in danger of being belly up quickly. The government needs working people that provide services of all kinds. We all are important links in the chain. We must unite, as Dr. Trozzi suggests. Only together we stand strong. When the sheep are scattered by wolves, they are easy prey….. God bless you all!

  6. Robert

    What you need is the names of these nurses relaying those messages.. because nobody should get away from prosecution and get to walk freely around for helping To commit mass murder and genocide.

  7. Shea

    Thank you for speaking out and joining in unity for good. I am shocked at what’s happening and do not consent to criminals running the show. The tribunals can’t come soon enough. We deserve public truth. I agree with article. Solid research. Sad to see people falling for the criminal and deadly lies.

  8. Theodora

    Thank God, Thank Jesus for the people speaking truth in this world.
    It is disheartening to witness the severe intelligence decline or the alarming amount of immature mental development in the general public. To be so trusting and so dependant on “news” and government – so many people don’t grow up enough to freely think or use critical thinking… It’s sad.
    The injections are sinister, the lies are disgusting and the vast amount of medical personnel touting garbage and pushing this jab is rather, telling, of how the industry is filled with mental slaves… Well intentioned slaves to systems and industry who now are feeling righteous.

    I am so thankful for the doctors who are speaking out, the nurses who’ve been whistleblowing and the citizens who aren’t giving in. Jobs a job… Health is quality of life. You can replace one but not the other.

    I am still concerned about the transmission of spike via close contact immediately after injection… Or at all. It was a big topic and then sort of fell flat, hopefully because it isn’t prominent. Any comment good Doctor?

    Thanks so much for all you do.
    In the end, God wins, so keep joy in your heart and find laughter in each day. We get stuck in an idea that humans control anything, when truly, were meant to live, be happy and have faith.
    All life ever promised was the release from it … Round trip ticket. And from the near death or coded for minutes then brought back crowds testimonials – the other side isn’t something to fear.
    Maybe Life is hell and getting out with an intact sense of curiosity, love and faith is the key to heaven?


  9. Wojciech Langer

    I would like to see more whistleblowers. You may read or listen to them here or there (Veritas Project, Steve Peters Rumble channel) but this is not enough to make any serious impact. Use duckduck search engine and type ‘Rumble c

  10. Heidi Johnson

    Awesome job! Spectacular work you have done to come to the truth and expose these despicable criminals! God protect you and continue to bless you to expose more TRUTH! Bless you. Ignore the ignorant detractors. We will always have them around until they are removed from the earth. Never to be seen or heard from again.

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