An open letter to police around the world; protect us!

An open letter to police around the world; protect us!

The injections are bioweapons. PCR is a fraud. The entire “pandemic” has been complete and absolute deception, abuse, and "medical" violence against the innocent people of the world.

Over the last year and a half, we have seen our police used as tools to abuse and suppress innocent people, for a fake pandemic and unfounded, unscientific, and abusive public health mandates. Must this story bare yet more misery?

We receive sad news every day, such as this recent story from Israel:

“…sad news one of the active freedom fighters in Israel who participated in peaceful rallies with a megaphone–was, beat up by police, tasered, broken bones. put in “covid” unit where he apparently became ill, and he died –murdered yesterday. His name was Hai Shaulian”

This is a pleading cry to our police to awaken! Use your critical reasoning. Don’t allow yourselves to be brainwashed, nor follow the orders of tyrannical predators. If this ship continues sinking, we all go down together. We need you to be our heroes now. Otherwise, we will continue in despair, watching free society perish. Please, arrest the criminals, protect the innocent; no matter what! May the next page of humanities story be one of overcoming evil and returning to love and joy.

Please defend innocent people against the covid-criminals. Uphold the essential principles of law. If you will not defend the innocent, who will? Stop bowing your heads in obedience to the global predators; stop enforcing planetary genocide. Choose to be on the right side of history.

Ethical police don't submit; unite.

Here are the police awakening:

Yes, there is a Canadian chapter of Police for Freedom growing stronger every day. Relief is coming in many forms including real police who remember why they took their oaths. Don’t surrender; it is your body, and your choice. Your employer may fire you; your school or University may bar you; but justice is coming, and they will pay. Refuse forced injections and other violations of your rights.

Real police are rising to defend us; to hunt the covid criminals; to stop forced injections, and to end rampant human rights violations.

-The Trozzi Team


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  1. Ruth rowe

    Thanks for sharing all your very informative newsletters and updates.
    You are so dedicated and have sacrificed so much towards this dangerous injection issue.
    Dr trozzi and his team are real heroes to this cause. Thanks and mor thanks

  2. Sandra Baron

    Hello Dr Trozzi team,

    Couple of things:

    1. Should we share this open letter to our local police or leave it be with what you’ve done

    2. I belong to a grassroots community here in Canada and globally that have found an amazing “retained giving” model for fundraising. I would love to help raise funds for your team and all members in need. Please introduce me to your fundraising team lead and Dr. Trozzi if possible.

    Thank you for all you’re doing everyday!

    With love and light

  3. Frederick Fischer

    Unfortunately police work for the banks and corporations and not the people worried about losing their jobs in frog defending our rights and freedoms
    Doctors are also puppets for big phara worried if they speak out they also will lose their license

  4. Brian Hopkins

    If the uniformed order following scumbags haven’t noticed what’s going on – or actually obeyed their oath by now – the uniformed order following scumbags never will. This is just one example of what these imaginary heroes have been doing their duty because I’ve committed the crime of telling the truth to anyone who’ll listen. Bui I admire your optimism.

  5. Maureen Sullivan

    Everything you do is deeply appreciated!!!!! God bless you and all the others who are doing so much for us!! May God reward you and keep you safe.

  6. Ignatius

    Hello Dr. Trozzi, I would like to extend a very sincere thank you to yourself and the other

    medical professionals who have chosen the ethical path and who have remembered their

    fundamental medical directive of “first, do no harm”.

    I have chosen to perpetually remain in the control group of the global gene serum experiment

    currently conducted on our World’s human population.

    Your plea to the cops is valiant and heartfelt, but it is unfortunately for naught.

    Cops will follow any order they are given. They are terrified of risking ostracism from their

    fellow gang members for stepping out of line, and more importantly, risking their 100k+ a year

    jobs and spectacular pensions (especially in a volatile economy).

    Look at history; cops do as they are told, be it issuing unethical traffic tickets to raise

    revenue for the state and padding their performance reviews or rounding people up into boxcars. Cops then and now are no different

    because people are no different then or now.

    The justice system is psychopathic and cops are an actualizing extension of this. They

    exchange their conscience for enforcing law when they sign up for the job. Cops become cops

    because these people are attracted to the power it gives them exercising it over others while

    getting paid extremely well to do so.

    They say your job (or more specifically, career) finds you, not the other way around. What kind of person is this
    cop line of work going to attract? Why do accountants become accountants? Teachers, teachers? Why did you become a
    Doctor? It’s part of who you are. Cops are attracted to the power of the badge. They want the uniforms they put on to force respect from others regardless of whether or not they deserve or have earned it.

    Even those cops who may possess a fragment of conscience still toe the line obediently. And, they resent

    themselves for it. But, the pay is too good even if they’d privately hoped the system were

    different. This “conscionable cop” can not and will not change anything.

    Put another way, imagine a member of organized crime suddenly having a change of heart (i.e.

    conscience) and suggesting to his fellow gang members that instead of pursuing a path of

    murder, theft and extortion they instead organize and apply their efforts for good, like

    planting trees and building schools in Africa.

    How long do you think that gang member would last?

    Dr. Trozzi, there is only one way to alter a cops behavior; through their wallets, personally.

    THAT will get their attention. Is there any way to go after cops pensions en masse for their

    willingness to perpetuate this incredible covid excuse over-reach by governments nearly

    everywhere? How about destroying their unions, which have way too much power and who influence

    policy. More laws on the books mean more laws potentially broken which means the neccessity

    for more cops. Do you see the racket? When was the last time you have ever heard of cop unions

    using their pull to REMOVE laws from the books, ones which are not self-serving?

    Dr. Trozzi, any moral initiative to change cop minds is a waste of time. Cops are a legalized

    gang. There is just no other way to put it. They are not your friend. When you are arrested,

    their first words out of their mouths is that any thing that you say or do can and will be

    used AGAINST YOU, *not* to help you. They are officers of the court, not your pals. Many, many

    innocent people are rotting in jail because they “encountered a cop” and were subsequently

    ruled against in the system. No skin off anyones’ nose, whether cop, magistrate, prison guard,

    or whatever justice bureacrat you choose in the very long line of them which comprise the

    “system”. Another anonymous life ruined. Cops do damage to society with very little

    accountability, make their loot then retire very well off financially to a more economical

    country. Many high level civil servants do the same. It’s nothing personal, just business.

    I’d recommend you reach out to Frank Serpico for an honest insight into cop corruption and

    mindset. I think he is still with us.

    I also recommend you read this;


  7. joan johnston

    Polly St George, of Ontario, is an independent video journalist. She has a postcard of St George slaying the dragon that she sends out to those that donate to her work, as a thank you. Maybe she knows that appreciation and thanks go a long way for continued support. Clever young woman.

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