The Fifth Doctor – Episode 1: Debunking the Delta Deception

The Fifth Doctor - Episode 1: Debunking the Delta Deception with Drs. Dubé, Trozzi, & Hodkinson

Four out of five doctors recommend smoking Camel cigarettes, and taking covid injections. But not the fifth one.


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  1. Cornelia Morcos

    THANK YOU! 77 years healthy female, thanks be to God. No injections. I am ready for a fight, be it yellow armbands (Un), internment camps. Remember 1930th Germany, I am with the underground, Bonnhoefer.
    My motto: YES to: science, knowledge, truth.
    NO to: fear, convenience, coercion, intimidation, discrimination, pressure, bribes.

  2. Mary J Nelson

    I am currently living in Mexico so not exposed to some of the US medical mafia like CDC & FDA.
    I also have an MD friend who will get me Ivermectin in spite of what the FDA says.
    He was exposed to COVID and took multiples of Ivermectin himself. His son got COVID and his doctor ordered Ivermectin.

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