Examining the Delta Variant

Examining the Delta Variant

The delta variant is the latest fear mongering tool used to help justify the criminal injection campaigns.

Co-authored by Dr. Paul Alexander, PHD and Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD


Many politicians and talking heads are chatting about the delta variant of the SARS CoV2 virus. They claim it is more contagious and more dangerous. In this article, we’ll look at data from Israel and the United Kingdom, to reveal some truth about the delta variant.

Before we look at this data, let’s remember that the term ‘case’ is being misused. This is not about cases. A real case requires that one is sick with symptoms, and perhaps needing treatment. These so called covid “cases” are counted using the flawed and corrupted fake RT-PCT test with a cycle threshold of 45.  The media, politicians, big pharma, and other elements of the CCE (Criminal Covid Enterprise) use the term ‘case’ to confuse you. What they are calling a “case” is just a positive PCR tests; they are mostly false positive tests. Almost no one is sick.

The data demonstrated in the following graphs and tables, show how non-lethal the delta variant is. With it, “cases” go up, but not deaths.  It is the weakest of all other variants in terms of lethality. The authors’ views are that we should embrace it, get infected with it harmlessly and naturally.  Meanwhile, for any very rare person who gets sick with it, we have effective early treatment protocols which include ivermectin.

Graph 1

Graph 1: United Kingdom PCR-"Cases" and deaths over time. Deaths go up with "cases" in past two "waves", but not now (June, July 2021 "Delta variant wave"). The cases go up, but there is no rise in death. The "delta wave" is very mild; it causes very little sickness. It is probably the normal viral evolutionary property of blending into the biome and becoming benign; hence the old saying: "that cold season is over".

Graph 2

Graph 2. Similar graph for Israel, earlier in the curve but with similar pattern beginning cases up, death not.

Luckily and for now, this delta variant is probably not the product of Antibody Mediated Selection. AMS is a process by which the injection victims become hosts within whom variants evolve and grow. These variants are particularly likely to cause disease in them and other injected individuals. The Antibody Mediated Selected variants are anticipated to grow in the injection victims, through slight genetic mutations which get the virus around the narrowly active unnatural antibodies within the victims. The suboptimal and narrowly active antibodies are produced in response to the gene therapy induced spike glycoproteins. We predict that these variants will particularly be able to cause disease in the injection victims because of their weakened immunity, particularly with respect to coronaviruses. We think that this is the real concern regarding variants.

Natural immunity is broad and works across diverse variants, so the un-injected people should be fine in this regard.

Hence, we must not be fooled into blaming the people who have not been injected. When and if dangerous variants seem to arrive, we predict that it will be weakened coronavirus immunity due to the injections which also breed the variants in the injection victims.

Nor should we abandon the injection victims; rather we are researching ways to treat the complex waves and variety of serious adverse effects of these injections, as well as stop all mandatory or coerced injections and other violation of human rights immediately!

Next, we see in graph 3 below, that in the United Kingdom, as the delta variant was emerging, gene sequenced confirmed delta variant “cases” went up (the purple area under the curve), but the hospitalizations (green line) went down and stayed down. Also considering that ICU and deaths generally lag “cases” by 2-3 weeks, the black line for these outcomes also drop in this so called “delta wave”.

Graph 3

Graph 3. Once again, we see that the delta variant is likely a part of that natural progression of a virus into a benign presence in the biome. In other words, "that cold season is behind us now". The benign delta variant spreads harmlessly through the community, may give broad coronavirus immunity to the few that still need it, while causing minimal to no sickness. Indeed we "embrace it". As Dr Hodkinson has encouraged us: “go back to life BC (before covid).”

In Table 1 below, statistics for different covid 19 variants are shown, and the “case” fatality rates are calculated for each one. The delta variant has by far the lowest lethality at 0.1%. More recent data shows the same model where Delta variant lethality is very much lower. 

Table 1

Table 1: The delta variant is by far the least lethal. It is about 1/20th the lethality of the original covid 19 alpha variant, which itself had a lethality rate that did not actually justify the traditional definition of a "pandemic".

Graph 4

Graph 4: In the "second wave", "cases" and deaths go up together. In the so called "third wave" or "delta wave" the "cases" go up, but the death does not. Again, this demonstrates that the delta variant is very weak in terms of disease; it's a virus winding down as a cause of disease; a cold season passed. People should go back to normal life; seek justice; and never let this abuse happen again.

Meanwhile we now must face a very real and severe health crisis: the new flood of iatrogenic disease and death among the victims of the illegal injection campaigns.

In that regard we must realize by now that the CCE are consistent liars. We must avoid another layer of deception. We must see the correct chain of cause and effect here, and not be fooled.  The injections are the cause of much of the serious diseases that are here and coming. This includes first short term: spike protein poisoning (blood clotting and diseases in all a long list of ACE2-receptor bearing organs); second, medium term: the onset of antibody dependent enhancement; and third, long term: auto-immune diseases, infertility, neurodegenerative disorders, and more. 

Lastly in Table 2 below, compare the incidence of delta covid 19 PCR test positivity in Israel between injected and non-injected individuals: 

Table 2

Table 2: This shows that in Israel, for all ages except extremes of eighty and older, the injection victims are more likely to be "delta wave cases", than people who have not been injected.

In Summary

Though we have concerns about antibody mediated selected variants resulting from the injections, and being dangerous specifically to the injection victims, the delta variant is not that.

The delta variant is the mildest of all variants, being only 5 % as lethal as the alpha variant of covid-19 which itself did not justify a traditional mathematical definition of a “pandemic”.

The delta variant is no reason to push more victims into the injection campaigns. It is the opposite.

Neither the delta variant nor the so-called “covid-19 pandemic” is the “fault” of the blessed, lucky, and or wise people, who have managed to escape the reach of the dangerous coerced injection campaigns.

The injection campaigns should be stopped immediately; and the crimes of the covid enterprise should be fully prosecuted.


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  1. Gail

    Very enlightening. Our immediate family refuse to be vaccinated even though our lifestyle will be significantly affected if governments pursue their present course. Interestingly enough, our son’s extended family all received the shots and now 4 of the 6 people are experiencing significant symptoms never before experienced. Chest pain and arm restriction in one, shortness of breath in a marathon runner, heart issues in a nephew. None will admit that it could be the result of the jabs. They were so eager to have the shots and get on with life. We are thankful we made our decisions. God bless!



  3. Virginia Korneluk

    Mandatory COVID Vaccination would be a crime against Humanity due to number of serious adverse events, risk and loss of life! The studies to date have not been conducted for long enough time to draw conclusive evidence for safety! Therefore the freedom to choose and decline with clear ethical consents should be upheld as per our constitutional law!

  4. Kathleen

    Thank you so much for all your hard work to provide some balanced reviews and information! Very much appreciated!

    I opened the last document, Table 2 from Israel but don’t know how to translate it into English….seeking a hard copy of this chart. Any advice on how to translate it?

  5. EJ

    Are the lower death rates true amongst the unvaccinated? Most news sources are saying the fatality rate is lower because of the shot. I haven’t gotten the jab, but the constant headlines about young and healthy people dying are admittedly getting to me.

  6. Greg

    A legitimate scientific paper has never been published that properly isolates and identifies a new virus. And the alledged new virus has never been vetted to ascertain its affect on the human physiology. I have serious doubts that there is physiological sickness caused by a virus. The Germ theory as a cause of sickness was discredited. It’s the environment (Internal and external). There is NO Covid-19 virus.

  7. Stephen Hayes

    the world needs to wake up and see what those trillion airs are doing to this world , the main one Bill Gates hiss children he is not letting them have the vaccine ( i wonder why ) Gates owns nearly all the vaccines companies , and how can you tell people to have it when .
    The Actual study start date was April 29th 2020 .. Estimated Primary Completion date is November 2nd 2021 …. and Estimated study completion date is may the 2nd 2023 ,,you tell me is that good for you , they have not tested the vaccine fully yet put they are lying to every body to get it , i could tell you so much whats going on the new world order , plus others and this whole mess is about Money Gates and the rest of his murderess , DO NOT HAVE THE VACCINE , thank you steve H

  8. John

    Francis Hoar, the UK barrister, said that mandatory vaccination breaches the common law right to bodily autonomy. If so it might help people in most English-speaking countries, the British Commonwealth, India, et al. (That’s a lot of places, assuming of course that they have the resources to pay lawyers.)

    On my reading, immunity actually decreases for several weeks after each jab before rising to a higher level than before the jab. (With Pfizer it then decays over 6 months so that not much benefit is left, hence the talk of boosters.)

    Did this decline in immunity cause some fatal COVID cases? This would be as well as the jab itself causing deaths, i.e. from blood clots. It’s complicated.

    Also, to be pedantic, some people, especially older age groups, would die anyway within a few days or weeks of the vaccine. I’ve yet to see a study of vaccine-related excess deaths.

    Given that the vaccine can cause similar vascular problems to the virus, it seems fair to believe that the people suffering severe side-effects and deaths from the injections are those in poorer health. Martenson analysed the CDC data and of the ‘COVID deaths’ only 0.9% had ‘no co-morbidities’. I know a few people whom the media or even the medical authorities subsequently called ‘healthy’ who actually had several health issues, e.g. diabetes with poor blood sugar control, took no exercise, ate fast/junk food.

    Unless people have regular blood tests from age ~30-40 onwards, showing good metabolic health, I’d be fairly surprised if they were healthy. The UK and US diets take their toll.

  9. sheila brown

    Thank you for sharing your research. Is there any data on participants in covid-19 original studies from 2020 and how they are faring now? I am wondering if ADE is an issue being that they had the vaccine a cold/flu season earlier our population.

  10. Lini

    My husband was diagnosed with a-fib several years ago. His cardiologist ordered echocardiograms periodically to monitor his heart healthcare. In January 2021, he had an echocardiogram that revealed some arterial blockage, but nothing significant enough for him to change anything in his lifestyle or medications. He also had the first Moderna “jabs” in January, the second in February. In April he had chest pain, was hospitalized, and told by 2 of the best heart surgeons in Orlando in 2 different healthcare systems, that he had heart failure so severely that he was inoperable. He lived 2 months in mental and physical hell until he passed away in June. I believe that the vaccine accelerated his heart condition. I had the first Moderna “jab” and was very sick from it with what is now called “Covid arm” and horrible fatigue and loss of appetite for about a month. At the time, I couldn’t find ANY information regarding my symptoms. I chose NOT to get the second “jab”. In my many attempts to try to find out why I had this reaction to this poison, I somehow found a way to reach the CDC. For a while, they would check in on how I was doing, but I haven’t heard from them in quite some time. Bottom line: this vaccine should never have been approved. What SHOULD be approved are the multiple remedies that have proven to CURE Covid!!!

  11. Christine Flato

    Would like to find out how we can get Ivermectin in Canada.. People are dying with no early intervention. Thank you for all you are doing.

  12. Wayne Mackenzie

    Question: My daughter works in the hospital, and is saying there the emergency dep’t is filled with Covid cases who are unvaccinated. People are saying those of us who are not vaccinated are responsible for this sudden surge? Any comment on this and are we who are not vaccinated responsible for this?

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