Dr Zelenko Speaks to Israeli Officials about Injection Campaign

Intense and enlightening presentation by Dr Zelenko.

Dr. Zelenko (NYC) of the first physicians treating covid patients with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin. His results were exceptional; saving thousands of lives and paving the way for others.


Dr Zelenko of New York was one of the first physicians treating patients with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin. His results were exceptional. He saved thousands of lives and paved the way for others. If his directions had been followed, lives would have been saved, and the whole covid scandal  ended quickly. 
During World War 2, it was predominantly Jewish people who were the victims of the Nazi’s atrocious  “medical experiments”. Following WW2, the Nuremberg Code for medical experimentation was created to prevent this from ever happening again.  As we have discussed in our publication Doctors Nurses Ethics & Law , the experimental covid injection campaigns are completely criminal and violate every aspect of the Nuremberg Code.  So it is a great perversion that Israel is currently the most abusive country in the world, forcing these deadly injections into their citizens. Canada is tied for second worse. 

Here Dr Zelenko speaks with Israeli officials including the minister of health. He is extremely well informed, pulls no punches and discusses everything covid, from medical science, to history and spirituality. 


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  1. Donna McDonald

    I found this video and Dr. Zelenko himself fascinating. I have not had and of the COVID vaccines and do not intend to in the future. Even the research I have done on my own, tells me these vaccines are something to stay away from.

  2. Jackie

    Thanks for sharing this! So evil to think the people lining up for the shots think they are actually being saved! Taxpayers money being used to create slaves for Big Pharma…….This insanity has to stop. I DO NOT CONSENT!

  3. Mary

    It is comforting to know that there are brave souls who have resisted the financial temptation and fierce coercion by the Global Elite responsible for this depopulation agenda. Now that the majority have succumbed to the “kill shot”, is there anything that can be done to save them from any damage/potential death imposed by these injections? There is already incredible pressure from the vaccinated to shame and pressure the unvaccinated, especially from family members?
    This divide alone is making life a living hell and it’s just started. My research has revealed that it could take anywhere from 3 to 8 years approximately for death to occur. In the meantime, the unvaccinated will be given no more respect than a leper.

    • Trozzi Support Team

      Yes it’s true. Although most of the deaths from the injections so far are from the very short term effects, the long term effects will prove far more fatal. We’re not sure how to help these people as the injections cause a long list of serious conditions, the ones we’re sure of we list here: https://drtrozzi.com/2021/06/covid-vaccines-how-dangerous-are-they/
      There are many doctors and scientists working on treatment for the injection victims, and we’ll let you know as this information comes out.
      For now, we have to hold the line as lawyer groups like Rocco Galati and Reiner Fuellmich bring in class action lawsuits. Sharing information with those that try to coerce you, those who have already been victimized, and helping them see the truth is very powerful; nobody will be more motivated and enraged than an injected person who realizes that they were deceived by an evil campaign.
      Stay strong Mary,
      -Ryan (Trozzi Support)

    • Kayla Wildman

      I think Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is recommending Ivermectin for people who have had COVID-19 vaccinations, because Ivermectin binds with spike proteins. I have heard (unconfirmed) that there are other drugs or supplements that bind spike proteins. Apparently both in COVID-19 illness and in post-vaccination adverse effects, it’s the spike proteins that are doing a great deal of the damage to people’s health.

      Some doctors are using D-dimer testing to look for evidence of blood clotting in post-vaccination patients. I believe Dr. Charles Hoffe has reported that about 62% of the patients he has tested so far have had positive D-dimers. (There is no cause for a positive D-dimer other than recent blood clotting.) I don’t know whether anti-coagulant drugs would be effective treatment for people with blood clotting issues from the vaccines, but if I had been vaccinated and had a positive D-dimer, I would ask my doctor to treat me with Ivermectin and then if a second D-dimer was positive after I’d been on Ivermectin for a period of time, I would ask for a trial of anti-coagulant therapy.

      Since it has become obvious that vaccination isn’t protecting people from becoming infected with SARS-CoV2 and transmitting it, and since vaccination dysregulates the immune system and generally weakens resistance to pathogens, there would be more potential benefit from taking Ivermectin than just its binding of spike proteins. It would be good prophylaxis against COVID-19 illness and at least some other viruses.

      Another thing I think would be helpful to post-vax patients is an anti-inflammatory diet such as the Zone Diet, and eating only organically grown foods (for superior nutrition and to avoid glyphosate’s decimation of beneficial gut bacteria).

      I’m sure “alternative” health care providers (including functional medicine physicians) would have many other suggestions for post-vax patients, in addition to the things I’ve listed here.

      I hope this information is helpful to you.

  4. SK Brian Dobson KHS

    What do the CDC, US Surgeon General Dr. Viveck Murthy, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Francis Collins and Dr. Sangay Gupta say about this?

    • Kayla E Wildman

      They say NOTHING — of course! They’ve already “discredited” Dr. Zelenko because he promotes that “discredited” drug hydroxychloroquine. Now he’s talking to officials in Israel? Who cares? Most of their well-propagandized U.S. audience will never happen across this video of Dr. Zelenko and wouldn’t watch it if they did, because who wants to listen to some crazy discredited funny-looking Orthodox Jewish doc from who-know’s-where NY?

      If you listen to “mainstream America” on Facebook, you know that what I’ve written here is accurate…

  5. E Malek

    I’m glad to find this great site through Peter Breggin and will begin to incorporate all the critical information about the plandemic. There are a number of doctors who unflinchingly come out in the open and are willing to risk all to save humanity, and Dr Trozzi joins this list.

    Zelenko is a fully committed soul with a no-holds-barred attitude which we see in this interview. If I may explain to the “lay person” the background of this meeting (as best I can without knowing the specifics), Zelenko most likely initiated a call to the Israeli Orthodox Court of Law (Bet Din) to procure help in warning its citizens as the Israeli government and medical establishment ignored him and thus deserted their obligation to protect the people. He did a fantastic job educating the three rabbis but the question remains did he influence the rabbis enough to issue a Jewish “Law” which hold a lot of sway in the large Orthodox community of Israel; thus a “Do not take the fauvax” would be an example. The rabbi on the left who did most of the talking seemed to be a medical establishment believer, while the one on the right was too quiet, and finally the middle one, towards the end covered his face and broke down for the rest of the interview as Zelenko described a fantastical scenario where the Prime Minister of Israel is threatened with his life by the Ubermenchen of the plandemic; this I’m sure sadly reflects the reality of the danger that Zelenko is in personally, and perhaps this rabbi saw what was happening to one of his disciples.

    Thanks to Dr Trozzi for his bravery and hard work, and the best way to defeat this totalitarian evil is through civil disobedience en masse, and in my opinion this requires a united organization with or without a leader (the latter is preferable), as small groups lack the momentum to turn the tide.

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