Dr. Paul Alexander Saving Children

Dr. Paul Alexander: "Never put these "vaccines" in your children's arms"

Here is a packed and passionate 20 minute interview with Canada's top clinical epidemiologist Dr. Paul Alexander.


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  1. Carmel kealy

    Dr Alexander that was a great interview. Thank you for your knowledge and advice.

    Stew could you research where the BCG vaccine has gone.
    I am concerned for the past 7 years it has not been available.
    We could be in for serious trouble.

    Why isn’t Bill Gates stopped from interfering with science and medicine.
    He must be stopped.

  2. Robert Purnell

    I do NOT believe that this is an “Experimental vaccination,” this Frankenstein concoction will of sat on a shelf gathering dust for some time, waiting to be used.

    All of this “Pantomime” of lockdowns, social distancing, mask wearing etc. has been to encourage the people to accept the injection.

    They are calling it an “Experimental vaccine” so that when people get the adverse reactions they can say, “We told you it was experimental, we take no responsibility.”

    “The Great Culling” a short video (2.19)

  3. Carianne Freeman

    I need to find some hope soon. My son can’t entirely understand all my concerns. He’s my middle son in university, 4th year, and I’m praying. I can’t seem to get through to him that we can find options for him. I watched an interview with BBridle of University of Guelph that it’s chaos and demoralizing for students right now. He will likely be segregated even if he has the moral strength to get exempt from vaccine mandates. I think he’ll give in from peer pressure and pressure from authorities . I have reason to believe that would risk his health. It will tear my family apart unless I give in and I can’t. Not with what I know and have been hearing for months now on the risks, plus what appears to be nonsense behind some of it. I feel like if I just let it go , he’s only 20 but if he has vaccine injury I won’t forgive myself for not trying harder .We as a family recovered last year from Covid so I’m quite sure we have immunity. I react to everything, and for him, he has allergies and similar medical / genetic issues to myself. Where are doctors when we need them. I would like to find one for our family that understands. This medical authoritarianism / government and institutional control of our bodies and our health seems like an attack on our basic rights. Especially when we know there is censorship going on. How can they be trusted? I wish I knew what recourse to take next.

  4. Shazaad Bacchus

    At the end of the day, a new virus causing a new disease remains unproven. No lab in the entire world has what we can call a Covid 19 virus. The virus is fiction, was made up on a computer screen, an ‘in-silico” virus. It does not exist in the real world. This so-called pandemic is just a pretext to transfer wealth and power to the global elites, The Great Transition (planned many many years ago) and kickstarting UN Agendas 21 and 30. Because of its very nature, I suspect many will die from taking it, getting the UN’s darling of their “depopulation” agenda going faster as well. The UN has always openly embraced the depopulation of the planet. The WHO and Big Pharma et al., are not saving the world from a global pandemic. This is a lie.

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