Delta Variant: Natural immunity works, covid injections pathetic!

Comparing Covid-19 Natural Immunity to "Vaccine" Immunity

Injection victims are 7 times more likely to get sick with the delta variant than people with natural immunity from last year.

In our June 4th article and August 13th documentary, Covid “Vaccines; How Dangerous are They? we explored the science behind the injection and explained the dangers of these so called “vaccines.” Prior to this release, in April of 2021 Doctors Nurses Ethics & Law, we discussed the criminality of the covid enterprises’ coercion of the general public into receiving these dangerous injections. All of this has been done in violation of the Nuremburg Code and the Hippocratic Oath. 

To add insult to injury, whist many victims are already suffering the short term effects, already accounting for more “vaccine” related deaths than all other vaccines in history combined, it turns out (with little surprise) that whist the injections have suppressed highly effective non-specific natural antibodies, they themselves are pathetically ineffective at protecting the rare person actually at risk of dying from covid. Is there any reason, other than incomprehensible criminal profits and acquisition of dominion over humanity, that effective treatment protocols from the FLCCC, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, were suppressed in favour of these shots?

Below is a publication by Sivan Gazit, MD MA; Roei Shlezinger, BA; Galit Perez, MN MA; Roni Lotan, PhD; Asaf Peretz, MD; Amir Ben-Tov, MD; Dani Cohen, PhD; Khitam Muhsen, PhD; Gabriel Chodick, PhD MHA; Tal Patalon, MD which compares natural immunity to “vaccine” induced immunity.

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