Debunking the Delta Deception; Dr’s Hodkinson, Dube, and Trozzi

Debunking the Delta Deception

With Doctors Hodkinson, Dube, and Trozzi


As you know, the Criminal Covid Enterprise is relentless with lies, fear mongering and forced injections. Most recently, they are using the delta variant to drive more disinformation and fear, manipulate more people into the dangerous injections, and generate a false prejudice against those of us who refuse their forced genetic injections.

Today we’d like to share a new 20 minute video between Doctors Hodkinson, Dube, and Trozzi. It is the first of several interviews and materials we are bringing forward to clarify the reality relating to the delta variant.

Thank you for your time and attention. We hope you enjoy the video.


  1. Patty Nixon

    I was looking forward to the video “Debunking the Delta Deception; Dr’s Atkinson, Dube, and Trozzi” but when I pressed link from email, I did not see it and it just took me to this page only 🙁 . I wonder if somehow intercepted?

  2. Heather Pihrag

    Thank you so much for your continued care for all mankind! I’m a RN working within Continuing care..the decline in so many clients in the past 18months physically, emotionally, psychologically & now the fear of the unknown because almost all have had the jab! For now in Alberta I hope not to be forced myself. I keep sharing your information to those that have more freedom to share! Keep fighting & keep your integrity that so many so called Health Professionals don’t have..

  3. Carmel kealy

    Thank you for this reassuring information .
    I have NOT or will Not receive the Injection.
    On Thursday 12th August I came down with as general flu like feeling then a cough.
    My son is a pharmacist and he has just sourced IVERMECTIN
    So straight away I was put on 48mgs of Ivermectin ,doxycycline VitC 2,000 mgs. VitD 6000iu paracetamol, Asprin.
    I stayed in bed for two days. I had my bedroom windows open most of the time.
    I haven’t eaten much but last night I was feeling much better.
    It is now 6am on Sunday 15th August
    I am feeling quite well. I have just taken two Asprin in water.
    Later I will take more meds as stated until Monday.
    So Covid antibodies now established.
    I can see how it could progress into a more serious condition if not treated early.
    The Ivermectin and Doxycycline
    Worked instantly. Please recommend.
    Thank you again for your help.

    Carmel Kealy.

    • Heather

      So happy to hear you have recovered! I am in Victoria BC and have no physician. There are none available. I have lost family members now and friends because of my very private choice to not get myself or our young daughter jabbed. I have been trying to source some ivermectin as a tool in our covid care kit and am hoping you could help?
      I appreciate your time and consideration.
      I would be ever so grateful and would honour complete privacy. Thank you

  4. Gary McCollom

    We will win my friend, one way or another we will stop this medical tyranny.

    May God bless and keep you and your family safe during these trials and tribulations.

    Thank you for having the courage to do the right thing, I know its not easy but if we don’t listen to our conscious our way of life is over.

    I don’t understand the selfishness of so many experts who are keeping quiet.

  5. Sharon L.

    Thank you for presenting truth. Prayers and blessings as you continue to expose the lies and deception that is being propagated through social media.

  6. Grazyna Glubiak

    Thank you so much for the reinsurance so I can continue with my common sense and my oats as MD in this brutal reality we are in.
    I am a Polish doctor working on Curacao since 1995, I already suffered big financial losses because of my public opinion about this virus but I am not giving up, I need people like you to remind me that I am not alone because on Curacao I am, in my medical circle…. Thank you!

  7. Cindy

    I cannot link to the connection sent in my email Aug 14 for the ‘Debunking the Delta Deception with Dr’s Atkinson, Dube, and Trozzi’.
    Please tell me where I can find it?

  8. Janet

    Can’t say enough about how I appreciate Dr Trozzi, Dr. Hodgkinson and all the others who are speaking up, many at great personal cost. Thank you and bless you!

      • Tom Hardy

        As you are probably aware, what we heard on this video is in contradiction of what the health officials are saying. In fact, most of my relatives who are Christians believe what the health officials are saying, including my daughter who is a nurse working with long term Covid patients. Although so far they have been respectful of me for my stance against the way the Health Officials are handling the matter. I know what their real thoughts are and to be quite frank, it looks like the vaccine is going to become manditory; I am going to get push back from them. How can I answer them when that occurs?

  9. Den

    Thank you for this video. What will
    It take to get the treatments released – ivermectin snd HCQ? A treatment nose spray called SaNOTize created in BC is still not released here but used in Israel ? It’s all about the jab and nothing else. The idea of asymptomatic spread is in the mind of the public. It’s nonsensical. How are we going to get the truth out ?

  10. Ronnie

    Thank you to all the good Drs who have given up their livelihood and have spend thousands of hrs exposing the lies. While jeopardizing their own. We are thinking and praying for you all. That the truth may be exposed.

  11. Lois Pullen

    Always informative and enjoy hearing from you all! Keep up the work to educate us and we will pass on to friends and family! It is you doctors who have spoken out, that will be the heroes in this time of our lives!

  12. Kathy Heidebrecht

    Thank you for your video. Glad to hear that not all Albertans have drunk the Kool-Aid. I had a phone app. with my Family Doctor this week and asked what to expect if I should contract Covid since I am not vaccinated. He said it would most likely be mild but went through the protocol if I should need hospital care. I asked about taking Ivermectin as a preventative and he said there were no studies. I mentioned Dr. Hoffe’s research and he shut me down. I’m guessing our doctors and hospitals are running on old outdated information and hope I will never need their help! I pray that you doctors who see through the lies and deception can be heard and make a difference. My voice is shut down by my vaccinated family and church friends who use the mainstream media as gospel truth.

  13. Harold McBride

    Great video with much needed info from some smart guys! I appreciate everything you are doing and what you, Dr Troozi, have given up to help people understand.

    I found your interview with Dr Breggin on his site so I wanted to see what you’re doing here.

    Keep on keeping on, as they say, Eh.

    From the lower 48.

  14. Sara Philkill

    thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Can you point me in the direction of where I can find sources for the asymptomatic spreading being false, along with the proof of PCR tests being inaccurate?

    Again, thank you for this valuable information

  15. Liz

    In regards to asymptomatic spread I guess if a person is not aware that they are carrying the beginnings of a viral illness that is true asymptomatic spread. But many of us, if they experience symptoms like sore throat, tonsillitis, runny nose, they mask the symptoms with painkillers, fever reducing meds, antihistamines, etc. Can one still talk about asymptomatic spread then? I got sick a few times after having been in contact with people who did not look or act sick, but probably were….. Not everybody who is sick looks or acts or says they are sick. Its hard to know.

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