Take Action Canada Interviews with Dr. Trozzi

Interviews by Take Action Canada

The science behind Covid "Vaccines" and why they are so dangerous.

Canadian Doctors Speak Out: Dangers of the "vaccine", the hijacking of science & CPSO gag order on doctors.

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  1. Idaly

    Thank you Drs for being here for us,
    the patients who depend so much on your courageous stand to help us make an informed decision. Please continue educating us, we need you so much right now.
    I have a question, please…
    for the people who at this point have not gotten sick at all of covid
    Nor planning to take the vaccine..
    what would the potential scenarios be
    of the impact that we may have,..
    if we were to contract any of the variants
    such as Delta variant should we expect to be hit even harder since we have no immunity at all?

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