Take Action Canada Interviews with Dr. Trozzi

Interviews by Take Action Canada

The science behind Covid "Vaccines" and why they are so dangerous.

Canadian Doctors Speak Out: Dangers of the "vaccine", the hijacking of science & CPSO gag order on doctors.


  1. Idaly

    Thank you Drs for being here for us,
    the patients who depend so much on your courageous stand to help us make an informed decision. Please continue educating us, we need you so much right now.
    I have a question, please…
    for the people who at this point have not gotten sick at all of covid
    Nor planning to take the vaccine..
    what would the potential scenarios be
    of the impact that we may have,..
    if we were to contract any of the variants
    such as Delta variant should we expect to be hit even harder since we have no immunity at all?

  2. Helen Mazzara

    Thank you Drs. for your sacrifices in being truly “doctors”. You are the HEROES and truly deserve the title of DOCTORS who pledged an oath to serve Humanity. In doing so, you have put your careers on line, your personal safety, social, psychological aspects in jeopardy. How can the words “Thank You” be enough to express the gratefulness that we all should have!
    I am 79 yrs and have NOT, and will NOT be “vaccinated”. I have an issue with my GP (under his care for 10 years) who will NOT be treating me in his office due to non compliance re vaccination (only virtually) which will not be adequate.
    How do I get Ivermectin 1) does a Dr. need to administer it, before (as a precaution)? or later if I get Covid? 2) where do get it? I hear it is Blocked?? What is one to do?

    • Elisabeth

      You can google ‘Ivermectin’. It is used as a paste for horses and sold by online pet stores. Comes in large syringes as a paste. I got myself a nice supply and will use it if need be. Re dosage you have to do the math. Its easy. There is an article on this site by Dr. Trozzy ‘Ivermectin works’. Very informative. Thanks Dr. Trozzi!

  3. Interesting Observation

    First and of paramount importance, a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Trozzi for the voluminous valid reliable information and data that provided me with the guidance to make an informed decision not to take an experimental injection or expose my children to this.

    I live in London Ontario and during the week of June 7, 2021 there were 10000 people shoulder to shoulder at a vigil in a one block radius with zero social distancing and unmasking ( people from all over Ontario travelled here), followed by a march and then a funeral for the horrific tragedy to a London Muslim family. More than 14 days later, and based on what the “experts” and social media published by the government led by our clinical directors, I expected to see a massive jump in the positivity rate. Nothing. Zero. Our daily cases have been the lowest it’s ever seen since this whole situation evolved 16 months ago (2-5 cases per day on average and little to no deaths due to COVID) So the whole transmission, masking and distancing theory seems to not apply to this situation or any other situation. Can anyone explain this to me? We had over 50000 people in this area in less than 5 days with little distancing and masking. Our cases are the lowest we’ve seen in 16 months 14 days later. Let me guess…..a fluke? There really never is a coincidence and this situation completely rebuts the whole theories expounded to date. Just something to think about. Sincerely Me

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