Liberty Coalition Canada Interviews Dr. Trozzi

Michael Thiessen (Liberty Coalition Canada) Interviews Dr. Trozzi

Dr. Mark Trozzi- Censorship of Doctors and the Hippocratic Oath

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  1. Helen Mazzara

    I am 79 and have NOT, and will NOT take any “vaccinations????” against Covid-19. Recently I learned that my own G.P. under whose care I was for 10 years or so, will NOT be treating me in his office (when the bans are lifted) only virtually (as he has been doing–sending for blood work, referrals.) I will need proof of vaccination received to be treated in his office. I know of quite a few people whose thinking is the same as mine re covid vaccinations and this means we will have no one to treat us medically. What recourse do we have, or does anybody know of G.P. ‘s who will be treating patients such as myself without having received the experimental “vaccine??”. Also those referrals–if this is the policy of my doctor, the referring doctors might form a consensus that they are of the same thinking and we will be at risk for getting any medical treatments (only virtually) which is totally inadequate. Perhaps the Doctors who are against this circus re covid vaccinations could also form a coalition to practice medicine for people such as myself who will not be intimidated by the unfair treatment or non treatment awaiting us (non conformists to the scam engulfing us! There is a large population who will be facing this issue!

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