Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Let us Talk About Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Coronavirus


  1. Sharon

    Excellent input. Thank you for being courageous! You are an example of the type of citizen Canada is proud of. I am an organizer for Freedom Rallies and I will be speaking on the PCR test and I will be extracting the info you offered, to share with the attendees here in Winnipeg on March 20.

  2. Georgina

    So appreciate your clarity, courage and truth telling. We must break the hypnotic media spell of fear and paranoia around this false pandemic!

  3. Paula H

    We called one of the private labs in Toronto and asked about the CT number, and they said they were running it at 45!!

  4. New Islander

    I would love to see you refute many of the statements that Public Health Ontario has posted:
    My main concerns:
    1. PCR is not a gold standard – although sneaky these use this wording
    2. It detects tiny amounts of the virus with a low chance for error – the insert to the PCR test states that any virus or bacteria can test positive.
    3. they are running at 38-40 cycles – the developers of the test and others state anything above 30 will test high false positives
    4. all inconclusive tests are considered probable cases for reporting – We are missing a step here. Diagnostic tests are used to help inform a diagnoses but are not considered a diagnosis without a medical exam and symptoms to support it.
    5. viral RNA does not equal infection.

    I have been an RN for 30+ years and my career will end shortly as I cannot ethically support the testing, messaging or tyrannical response based on a test that was never intended to be diagnostic.

  5. Colleen Shymko

    Check out: The Truth About PCR Tests by Dr. Sam Bailey. Dated Feb. 11, 2021 on by newswire.
    21st Century Wire
    Excellent video and references

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