Useful Advice to Improve Your Immunity

How to Boost your Immune System

Here is some actual very good advice on optimizing immunity. I personally would not consider the highly experimental “vaccine” for this generally mild, non-fatal, and perhaps mostly in-the-past disease; but I will sure follow this simple advice for life to have great immunity against all infections. It is sad that our governments are crushing our economies and culture with lockdowns and burying us in debt for radical and expensive measures and injections, rather than help us at all with simple good advice like this. Enjoy and live this information:


  1. Philip McDunnough

    Where’s the proof that people who aren’t sick, other than just before being infected, actually transmit the virus? This asymptomatic spread issue appears to have very little evidences.

  2. Elisabeth

    Dear Dr. Trozzi, I am so happy to have found you. I was always weary of the Covid propaganda and do not know or have heard about anybody in my family (international) or friends who was seriously sick with Covid. Thanks for speaking out! I have allowed the fear mongering and peer pressure to get me to register for vaccination. i dont wanna do it. There are so many news and reports, how the ICUs in Scarbourough, Peel, etc are getting overwhelmed, Triage 3 may be introduced soon, they have to do CPR in the hospital corridors as there is no space, etc, people are dying at home alone as the virus is so aggressive and people deteriorate so quickly….. This scared me. There are some doctors on Twitter, that appear very credible, who promote that this is true. I am so torn apart. I have a hospitality business, so am quite exposed. I spend a lot of time outside and take Zinc, Vit C, Vit D, etc. Whom can I trust? I don’t want to find out the hard way. I am 57 and my husband is 72. Do they lie to us re what is happening in Ontario. Thank you Doctor Trozzi for all you do. Will pass you website on to all my doubtful friends and acquaintances….

  3. Explain

    A vaccine is highly experimental but a drug that wasn’t intended for use on this virus isn’t?
    Something seems off there. You’re speaking out of both sides of your mouth and propogating your message in the same way those corrupt crooks behind the government are.

    • drtrozzi

      Hi, not sure what drug you’re referring to? This video is about natural ways to improve your immune system. If you could clarify what you mean, I’d be happy to help you with your question.
      -Trozzi Support Team

      • Explain

        You’re promoting the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Neither have the extensive clinical trials you’re requiring from the vaccine, yet you’re promoting their use. Seems like you’re doing your own experimentation with your following. Not to mention that Donald Trump a public advocate for Hydroxychloroquine himself still got Covid even after taking it.

        • drtrozzi

          Hi Explain. Thanks for your comment.
          Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are both very safe and time tested. Please refer to our Hydroxychloroquine video, and see that the Lancet defamed hydroxychloroquine and later retracted their discredited article; unfortunately after clinical trials were cancelled globally, and the people were denied a safe and affordable treatment. As for Ivermectin, we’re releasing a video next week which shares the extensive research pertaining to it’s use as an antiviral. If you’d like to be notified, you can sign up for our newsletter.
          If you’d prefer to take an experimental injection that’s killed 40 times more elderly in Israel than the virus would have, and 260 times more under the age of 65 than the virus would have, that is your choice. Your doctor should make you well aware that you are being entered into a medical experiment, which is not scheduled for completion until October 2022 or until 2023, depending on which injection you receive.
          Whatever you decide, we wish you the best.
          -Trozzi Support Team

  4. Sharon

    I love your website, thank you. Can you prescribe Ivermectin to me in Alberta? My 72-year-old brother, who is on oxygen (his lungs are compromised), has taken the covid shots, and I worry about him if he gets a virus.

    • Elisabeth

      You can buy it online in Canada at petsdrugmart. Comes in 15 ml syringes. 1 ml is enough for a 50 kg person. Follow Dr. Trozzis dosage instructions. Do the math😊. I just bought some. Hopefully I will never need it. Also fear they may make it a prescription drug, once too many people buy it as a prophylaxis or treatment for Covid…. Then we cannot get our hands on it anymore unless we buy a horse and get a prescription from the vet!

  5. Malgorzata Starszyk

    One of the component of keeping our immune system safe mentioned in this video under “T” is Trust in God. That’s exactly where our government is trying to hit us hard by attacking churches and making it as hard as possible for people to attend their church services. People are being denied to Trust their immediate personal support networks, such as close family, friends or anyone they pass on the street and in supermarkets. We’re asked to stay away from each other and hide our faces. At the same time, just like in the totalitarian system that I came from, the government promotes its image as a “good, Trustworthy and caring” system. Thank you very much for posting this video Dr. Trozzi.

  6. Rob

    Amazing website. I’m so proud and happy to share it and that there are people spreading all of this amazing information. It’s just so disappointing for me that must of my friends and family are taking this horrible jab are not open to the other side of the story. With no research into jab, just blindly accepting the narrative and then bragging about taking the jab. It’s mind boggling.
    Thank you again team Trozzi.
    Bless everyone with health, happiness and great fortune.

  7. Elisabeth

    Dear Dr. Trozzi, I love your video in regards to Ivermectin, and what dosage to take as a preventative treatment or treatment in case of a Covid infection. I posted a comment today mentioning that I purchased it online, because many people think they need a prescription for it. Its a dewormer for horses and can be ordered as such. Comes in 15 ml syringes. 1 ml is for a 50 kg person, which is at par what you mention: 0.2 mg per kg body weight. Why has my comment be deleted? Did I do something wrong posting this information? Thank you anyway for the valuable info and whatever your reasons were deleting my comment, I wish you God’s blessings for your courageous work and sacrifice.

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