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The vision of drtrozzi.com

This site is dedicated to sharing useful and interesting information and ideas, with the intention of contributing to a happier and healthier future.
Here you will find a collection of medicine and health related articles and videos produced by 25 year veteran MD, Dr. Trozzi, as well as other resources that he recommends.
The mission of this project is to empower you to health and understanding on subjects from within Dr. Trozzi's sphere of expertise.

Credentials and Experience

Veteran Emergency Physician

Dr Trozzi received his medical degree from The University of Western Ontario in 1990, then completed his residency at the University of Ottawa. He has been practicing predominantly emergency medicine for the past twenty-five years.

University and Trauma Medicine Instructor

Dr. Trozzi is an Advanced Trauma Life Support instructor with the College of Surgeons of America. His teaching positions include: Sunnybrook Health Sciences in the Advanced Life Support Department; as well as The University of Ottawa , and Queen’s University. 

Health, Fitness, and Ecology

Dr Trozzi is a life long student and practitioner of health, nutrition, fitness and ecosystem conservation.

"These three rules, I recognize to be the highest:
The Golden Rule, respect for the Creator, and love for the Sacred Mother Earth."
Dr. Trozzi

Welcome, from Dr. Trozzi

Welcome to my forum. I hope you find thoughts, insights, and ideas here to help improve your health, and fulfill your role in making the world a better place.
There are many fascinating and beneficial subjects I look forward to exploring, but we must start with the elephant in the room: the "corona crisis."

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